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  1. Great !! Glad somebody more wise than me knows all about this stuff. Thanks. (I'm still impressed with your 5,467 posts !! Geez...)
  2. I might be all wrong - but it appears that you are now on the new one - whose name was changed by NUNYAA 5 hours ago. This roll call is on it's 1st page - whereas the old one that you started is on page 19. (Check the title at the top of this roll call.) Look at the comment beneath the first blog by NUNYAA - it says they changed the title 5 hours ago. All this page - including your comments and mine - are on the new title. I am going to keep talking on your roll call - not this one.
  3. Well now there are (2) roll calls for this cruise. The first one was started on June 3rd, 2020 by Jim_IAIN. We now have 19 pages of comments to date. It is named: "Celebrity Equinox Roll Call - September 5th - 2021." You all should come over to that one. I guess it really doesn't matter that much - just should be all on the same roll call. This one is called: "Sailing Sept 5 on Equinox". Don't know how that happened... There is a comment on here saying that NUNYAA changed the title to this 4 hours ago.
  4. I have the same problem. GO TO THIS POST not working. Please help. bmoreau66@hotmail.com User name: bmoreau66.
  5. For the past week every time I log onto an email and click on "go to this post" it sends me to a screen that displays a generic form which starts by :Cruise Critic Community - Categories:. - not to my cruise page where I can read responses from other cruisers. I still have a response email from May 6th that I can go to and review posts. But every e-mail since then has not allowed me to go there. What can I do ? Please help. Thank you very much. bmoreau66@hotmail.com
  6. Not a chance. Like someone said - the Carib. is one thing - but other ports I would for sure need to visit. Private islands are for the birds !! We're going to the Baltic in JUly 2021 & will not go is just for the ship.
  7. Further to this: I've never had this problem before with any our our threads. Strange that this occurred on this one. I thought I clearly explained what my problem was... I also thought that this was in the forum for the Carnival Spirit cruise on Apr 10, 2020. Obviously not. But thanks for the good advise.
  8. That worked !! It said "follow", not "following". Thanks !!
  9. I cannot receive in my email folder responses from the Carnival Cruise on April 10th 2020. One was last posted 20 hours ago & I did not receive it.
  10. All this very good info..no mention about cost. Not that it's a big deal - just wondering. I usually use "Miamiportparking: $8.99/day minus promo code "Eagle8300" for vets. 7 days costs $69.05
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