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  1. How do you put a booking on hold? I have not yet found that feature.
  2. Not an issue now, maybe in the future.
  3. I am curious if anyone has ever done this. Is it possible to upgrade after boarding. I am leaving on the Vista this Saturday with a $400 interior room with a window. I have $400 in OBC and $500 in the casino. With all the cancellations there seems to be quite a few balcony and OV rooms available and I am wondering if I can upgrade for a small amount without giving up my OBC and casino credit. I realize this an unusual situation and people probably have not had such an opportunity in the past but thought someone might know of the possibilities. I contacted Carnival by phone but all they could
  4. Going on a back to back for the first time and I was wondering how they do the carry on wine. Are you allowed one per person per cruise and do they take the second and hold it for that cruise.
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