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  1. my wife's NCL Platinum Plus matched to Gold
  2. There are a few threads regarding the 10% discount disappearing. There are a few others having the same issues. When I called, the CSR said there are hundreds of bookings like this and takes time to fix it manually. Mine took about two weeks.
  3. I had a similar experience with my first time booking of MSC. Voyager club unable to login, wrong date of birth, no update of status match for two weeks, 10% coupon drops off after I updated passenger information... This is is the email that solves most of my issues. They got the back office in Italy to reapply the 10% coupon MSCExistingReservations@msccruisesusa.com They fixed my voyage club issues and wrong dob. The turnaround time is not great, but it’s better then wasting time calling. Btw NCL Platinum and Platinum plus got matched to Gold. You are not really missing anything unless you get to match to Black.
  4. Do you remember which port has a transfer bus to the city center? I will be on Divina on 5/18.
  5. Don't worry. Unless there is an executive order, it's very unlikely your cruise would be affected.
  6. I don't know if they can just change to another port. It's not like NCL, the Armonia serves a lot of Europeans and they should not be affected in this rule. I don't really want to go to other Carribean islands anyway. The good thing is that I booked reward flights and reward hotels and everything is cancellable.
  7. Got a new eticket for my May cruise and they removed the voucher.
  8. yes, it combines with 5% Voyager's club, but probably not any other discount.
  9. Same problem. All 3 bookings lost 10% after I updated passenger information. I called and emailed, took them two weeks to fix it. It's a known bug, and they said there are hundreds of bookings like this. They would need to send to Italy's back office to fix it. I got an email from Italy office in 2 weeks.
  10. Use a VPN and book on US site.
  11. Have you tried the web check in page instead of logging in your account? https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Manage-Your-Booking/Web-Check-In.aspx
  12. I only called them once two weeks ago. They said there are hundreds of bookings like this and will take a couple of weeks to get me a new bill. However, I did email twice to MSCExistingReservations@msccruisesusa.com This is usually the email that helps me with problems that phone customer service that can't resolve.
  13. Just wanna update that I got all 3 bookings fixed with the 10% discount applied to the total. So took about 2 weeks.
  14. After two weeks, I finally got a response from Italy office and they sent me an updated total with 10% reflected on the total price. The email is from msccrociere.it I sent the email to MSCExistingReservations@msccruisesusa.com You can still find the code on eBay. My mil bought one.
  15. I have 3 bookings 12/19, 05/20, 12/20 with the code applied online when I booked. After I updated passenger information, all coupons are dropped. I called them couple times and they said they would fix it but it takes time. They have hundreds of bookings like this and the back office is doing it with a huge backlog. Another website/system bs that would take some effort to get it fixed.
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