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  1. Poor customer service doesn't bother me too much. My huge issue is with their IT department. Buggy website, broken booking management system and technical issues that sometimes customer service can't solve. It's PITA dealing with MSC.
  2. I have a question. Are they not refunding the Tax? I booked a single inside and was canceled. $393.30 + $98 tax = $491.30 and I just received the 125% FCC $491.63 I would be okay if they give me $491.63 + tax. If they don't refund my tax money, I am going to request a refund instead. There is no benefit of holding FCC.
  3. I canceled over 10 times because of price drop or missing discount, and I manage to get the same cabin right after I cancel. I don't bother wasting time with phone CSR. Just tell them I want to cancel, then go online and book the same cabin with a lower price.
  4. Yeah, let's all blame the victim who falls for false advertising. How many times did MSC delay OC while featuring OC to sell rooms? Fool me thrice?
  5. 20 minutes is considered Good for MSC. I think my record was 70 minutes hold time. They could have easily implemented a call back feature on the website.
  6. What's wrong with Food truck. Those NCL pool side grill is quite delicious. Lots of the food trucks in NYC serve quality food.
  7. I would just tell her to cancel and I will let Amex dealing with your silly math. Those CSR are rude. Probably because they need to deal with all the customers who are on hold for over an hour. They probably have the worst customer service in the US.
  8. They don't reply the contact us email and the email form on the site. Try this: MSCExistingReservations@msccruisesusa.com
  9. I can definitely see the benefit of using a TA but you know technology would replace a lot of smaller guys. It would just be like how you book all the flights and hotels through expedia, priceline, hotels.com. The benefit is negligible but you use it because it's easy.
  10. So they should improve the website and the system. Giving $$$ to a middle man wouldn't have been necessary if they have a functional website and customer service. I don't need an agent to buy stuffs on Amazon. I don't need an agent to buy insurance, booking a ticket, hotel. Everything can be done online, why would I need a middleman? If these companies want to attract millennials customers, they would need to work on the site.
  11. I book direct mostly because I want to take care of things myself and asap. I usually cancel/rebook a few times until I get the best price and best room. I don't want to put TA into the hassle and I want to do it asap so I can secure the room/price that I want. Personally I think TA is obsolete. Web 3.0, everything should be easily done online. I hope these companies can develop functional websites with online customer service.
  12. I paid $17xx for 2 adults + 1 child for Meraviglia Bella Balcony early Dec. 5+15% Selection, so extra $100 OBC. I got the upgrade offer today. $550pp minimum. YC Deluxe Suite.
  13. There is no difference if you have already booked. I would do it now if you can get Black, the expiration date is the same anyway. They may change it to Gold later if you wait.
  14. My December cruise stops at Ocean Cay. Lots of excursions are available to book. Safari, watercraft, paddle board, snorkeling, kayaking, catamaran, stargazing, meeting animals, ceclo, cabana rental, inflatable rental, deep sea fishing, scuba diving...
  15. Mediterranean is itinerary based in my opinion with port of call every day so I would pick one with a better itinerary over newer ship. I took Divina in May and the ship was beautiful and the service was good.
  16. You CAP like you saved thousands. We are merely talking about 5%, or more like some OBC and perks. I don't mind paying a little extra if that means they would improve the website and online customer service. Not to mention I find it a hassle having to deal with another human being. You like it or not, some industries are obsolete and would be replaced by AI or Internet.
  17. I am sure money grows on tree and Cruiselines want to give them away so TA can give you a kickback. I never said Middle man is evil. I am saying it's obsolete in 2019 where everyone has internet. TA does not provide added value to most people but is there to cost Cruiselines money which would be reflected in your fare. TA is a dying industry, so enjoy it while you can.
  18. You pay for it one way or another. Nothing is Free. With enough customers not using a TA, the company would have more incentive improving the website and online customer service. People obviously use TA for the perks and I am not discouraging people to use one. I am just stating my reason for not using one. I don't care about the perks and found it a hassle having to deal with a middleman.
  19. I don't care about the OBC. I am just not interested in subsidizing middle-man. If you need middle-man to help you, pay for it yourself.
  20. I am okay with this as I never use a TA on principle and I don't care how much they can offer me. I am a software engineer so I am all for cutting the middle-man and offer a direct sale web model. Improve the website and provide online customer service though. There is no reason I should pay for someone's TA commission only because some don't know how to do research and rely on a TA. Most obviously use it because of the bribe they throw at you. I just hope people who actually need TA service can pay for it themselves.
  21. Wait till they figure out how many people don't wash their hands or not use soap after bathroom. I would say over 50% not washing hands in my last Mediterranean cruise.
  22. Just so you know...your economy seat is probably much worse. People pee, sleep, poop, fart, drool, eat, drink in that tiny little seat and the fabric is rarely cleaned.
  23. yes 10066. I have no idea how they can sell that room without expecting complaints especially for Mediterranean where embarkation is done every day . It's simply unbearable and last for hours. It's like I was sleeping in a UPS truck, the driver constantly throwing heavy packages while loading/unloading the truck for hours.
  24. I did mid May. Nice weather, no crowd, no kids, every day was a sunny day besides a few showers in Rome. I don't care about the human meat soup pool on the cruise, but most of the time was a little too cold to be in there. Price was also dirt cheap.
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