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  1. I don't have any advice. I just wanted to say...You are my hero. I would totally be your wingman if I were there.
  2. The Harmony and the Breakaway are the only two ships we have traveled on as a family. The Breakaway this past December and the Harmony the December before, both during Christmas week. Overall we preferred the Harmony. My girls (currently 16 & 18) spend all of their time together, preferably without us, and will not go to the teen club. To give a few side by side comparisons, we thought the Harmony had better entertainment, better pool deck, more fun atmosphere during the day, better internet, and we much preferred the promenade over 678 Ocean (?). The Breakaway had (much) better food everywhere except the buffet. We had wonderful cabin attendants on both ships, and felt wait times at the bars (and in fact overall service) were about equal.
  3. We saw Six (twice!) on our December cruise and loved it. I would describe the staging to be like a concert. There is a band in the back of the stage, with the six singers (wives) in front. It is mostly singing and dancing, with very few spoken lines. There is no set change or "scenes" as you would typically think of a Broadway style production. Some of the lyrics could be deemed inappropriate, but that is up to you. For instance...one of the lines in a song is something like "I wouldn't be such a b**** if you could get it up". Will your kids catch that one line? Maybe. If they did would they understand it? Up to you. (Not saying that is the only time a sexual reference is given, it's just one I happen to remember). You can see videos of the songs on youtube. We found the NCL version to be exactly like the West End.
  4. When we boarded the Breakaway in December there was VIP/Haven/Handicapped in the same line. It was much shorter than the regular line.
  5. We are on this cruise too! We cruised last year the same week on a similar ship. You can expect everything on the ship to be very crowded. Many people travel with their extended family, so a lot of large groups. Every restaurant full every night-make reservations if you want the specialties. In Grand Cayman you can expect most things to be closed Christmas Day. Many of the restaurants that are open are already booked. I contacted The Coral Beach Club, they said they're open-but they're not very responsive so I don't have any other info.
  6. Has anyone been to this new beach club? It is the only thing open and available on Christmas Day when we are in port. Looking for opinions, menus, prices, etc. Can't find much info Thanks
  7. I can't compare the two for you, but we were in an SJ on the Dawn last week (12012) and I thought it was the perfect choice. You are so close to the public areas on 12 and 13 that we never stayed in the room. There is no noise from above in the morning, we think our room was under an outdoor stairway on 13, it's an unusual space on the Dawn above you-very quiet. As nomad098 said, they balcony is not very private. Everyone is looking over the rail on deck 13, right onto your balcony. If your sailing has a lot of kids, I would avoid those rooms. The downside of the SJ is that the windows are very dirty. Also, on the Dawn the jogging track is aft, near Moderno.
  8. The same thing happened to me! I checked in last night but for some reason it won't save our home phone number. I eventually gave up and went to sleep. You're not doing anything wrong, it must be the website.
  9. Looking at the excursion choices for our stop at Great Stirrup Cay I see a listing for "Oceanview Villa at Silver Cove". We have never sailed NCL before, so have never been to GSC. Does anyone have any info on these villas? We are a very fair skinned, late sleeping family, so I'd like to know that we will have shade once we get off the ship. There are no reviews on the NCL website. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know the reason for this? The drink package will definitely be part of whichever cruise we choose. Carnival's probably works better for us, we drink a lot of bottled water and espresso. And in this case we're not getting on the ship till later in the day of embarkation, so paying for one less day on Carnival is ok.Just wondering.
  11. Thank you all. We are hoping for a price drop over the summer. Since we're not particularly invested in either, we may just wait and see which is less expensive and decide then.
  12. Agreed, but since the drinks package and internet are things we will get anyway adding them to the Carnival price makes them pretty evenly priced.
  13. My husband and I are looking into our first cruise without the kids, second cruise overall. Over Christmas we were on the RCCL Harmony and loved it. Trying to not use vacation days, I have narrowed it down to the Sunrise or the Dawn. Both are 4 day cruises to Bermuda from NYC (we are local and do not want to have to fly to the port). The cruises have the same itinerary, similar prices, and are one week apart in Sept 2019. Sunrise is Thursday to Monday, Dawn is Friday to Tuesday. Extra info- I know it's hurricane season, but we can't switch to October-too much going on, and by November it's not warm enough for us. We are around 50, kids away at school. Don't want to be the oldest people on the ship-or the youngest. Has anyone been on these ships/itineraries before? Thanks!
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