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  1. I have read the entire post and have found no one that has the good fortune to have a working app refer to those who are suffering as “idiots”.
  2. it is working for me. have you tried shutting down and restarting your device?
  3. I think the question was based on Princes promise that if you are DENIED BOARDING Princess will take care of your expenses to get back to your home including hotel quarantine along with food and travel. So the question I believe was DO YOU have to get to the ship or can a phone call provide for expenses. With the few ports being used at the moment it would be good if Princess has an agreement with a hotel where the infected could go. Cannot expect them to sleep in the streets so where would you go if it were you.
  4. Seems like a silly question but I am not sure of the answer. This is a quote from todays email from Princess in regard to our Aug 29th sailing. I understood from all the videos that this could be completed within 72 hours of sailing. I would like to get it all done before we leave on our adventure. So can this portion of the check in be done before I leave home or do I have to do it in the middle of our drive to the port. Thank all of you who help clarify!
  5. the boards sure seem to hijacked Looking for the view from the one on the cruise??
  6. Thank you! That makes sense.
  7. I just had the same thought.
  8. With the booking number Princess should be able to cancel the booking and credit the card that was used for payment…seems like it should have been handled by Princess on the phone call your husband made when the booking number was determined..not later but on the spot
  9. I believe that “gifted” is shown because you bought the upgrade through your travel agent. Through the paper work exchange between cruise line and travel agent it appears to be gifted. Not sure but I believe this is the case.
  10. You will find it on the Princess site for booked passengers I believe you go to print summery and you will see it listed.
  11. Have any of the speakers from port towns come on board? Libby Riddles?
  12. I believe if you check the Princess website they are now accepting the at home test but must be supervised via zoom or similar
  13. since Princess line does testing at the pier in South Hampton they have a template all worked out which could be done at the pier in Seattle. Seems they don’t want to bother. Our age is such that this cruise was our last opportunity to cruise so a future cruise credit might as well be used as wall paper. This Alaska cruise was way more expensive in the first place that previous Alaska cruises. This would have been our 11th/ overcharged under serviced! THEY REALLY SHOULD DO IT AT THE PIER EVEN IF THEY HAD TO CHARGE…THE WORRY OF A LAST MINUTE TEST GETTING BACK IS RUINING OUR VACATION.
  14. drive through is not an option..physician must be prsent.
  15. it does not go into effect until the 15th
  16. The Brits are doing the test at the port just before you get on the ship.. Princess says tough luck figure it out on your own
  17. Yes I did…says “urgent” also states it must be done at medical facility. There are home test kits that would work but they do not allow them. Walgreens told me they have test kits ordered but the demand is not huge and they do not know when they will get them in stock.
  18. Do you have to have Purchased your cruise from Princess to get the email offer?
  19. This is our 11th cruise with Princess on this itinerary and the presenters have been on every cruise thus far. Hope to see them on the Aug 29 cruise!
  20. Some of the excursions do enter Canada so a passport would be required if you choose (and if they let us in) to Canada
  21. Going north the first day is always at sea the return is through the inside passage
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