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  1. Hi Kathekas, .. Yes that is why it was not allowed into Gibraltar, but that was the previous 4 days cruise, the ship arrived back to Southampton earlier and sailed later due to performing deep clean duties. As previously stated, every ship has a daily n/virus report which goes to the next port, this current cruise would not be allowed into any port with 100+ sick guests.
  2. I can only offer empathy for those who have the norovirus symptoms, awful!! ... they don't necessarily test for norovirus, cause you 'know' when you've got it!, and no definitive medication is available, just quarantine yourself, inform the onboard medics, and keep well hydrated, including diahoalites. It is commonly known as the 48 hr bug, so as terrible as if is, you know it shouldn't go much past 3 days. I would just like to reiterate, this is not a cruise ship virus!, a higher percentage can catch this on land, but because when you are in a confined environment, there is obviously a high
  3. Yes norovirus still onboard, and they're being very hush hush about it! .. as Kathekas just said, room service only available for those "confined to quarters" !! .
  4. When you open the site, on the top right of the page, theres a little box , looks like a page of a book, click on that and you've got the options for different viewing images. 👍
  5. updated Sojourn itinerary changes on Seabourn website ... good for some, bad for others, but at least decision made..., as below February 21, 2020 Due to the unpredictable changes we have seen the past few weeks in travel restrictions and port operations throughout Asia, Seabourn Cruise Line has replaced the Asia port calls on its World Cruise 2020 aboard Seabourn Sojourn with calls in Australia and New Zealand. Specific changes to the turnaround ports on the affected Seabourn Sojourn voyages include: Date: Original P
  6. Onboard now, using WhatsApp calling every day, 👍 ... only on the very odd occasion when internet was not available, could I not make these calls.
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