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  1. Awe shucks @MorganClark ... While you're packin' to go home, I'm packin' to set sail in just a week! Time to kiss your rack (err Rat) good-by.
  2. If you have the beverage package does it cover drinks at the beach? Thanks for the awesome posting!
  3. Not at all. But they are subject to Congressionally imposed limitations on their powers, and some recent case law suggests they are acting way outside those limitations. It is not a health argument, but rather a very specific legal question.
  4. It's not over... DeSantis has argued "It raises a bigger question. Can you just have one agency and the government without Congress ever passing a law — just basically shutting down an industry?” he said. “Maybe you don’t care about the cruise industry, but next time it might be your industry. Next time, it may affect people that you know or people that depend on this for their livelihood. So, I think it raises a lot of important implications.” Reminds me of this...
  5. So did Florida get a minority 3-judge panel on this court. Might we be headed to an en banc review? If this keeps up, FDR will have enough material for an extra chapter in the NCL Embark Series. 😁
  6. Oh please @HBCcruiser, I'm still in alcohol jail, but getting close to release. 13 days to my Windstar cruise, but who's counting...
  7. Clearly a nutrition conscientious choice, but where is the celery and olives?
  8. Have you made a special request for a pack of hand-towel Rats?
  9. Any sign of an old seaman crawling around in your area? 🤣 When is sailaway?
  10. There are probably only 6 or 7 bars in your way to get there.
  11. Correction - the July 24th sailing. Sorry, I slipped a week.
  12. Awesome detailed review @caymancouple - Thanks on behalf of all Windstar cruisers. BTW, I have it on very good authority that the CEO will be on the July 17th sailing.
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