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  1. We order "virgin" Irish coffee (whiskey on the side) all the time; you often get a better cup of coffee.
  2. I don't know if Newark is an option for you, but on the chance it is, it is a ~$10 Uber to Penn station to catch Amtrak.
  3. I do, when traveling with my extended family so as to assure we can be accommodated at the time we desire. If that doesn't suit your needs, kindly remain silent!
  4. Hello! It is a clearly written contract. If you did not take out insurance, that is on you, not NCL.
  5. Well, it was more spacious than a standard balcony, plenty enough for us, and provided a great view as we sailed in and out of port. No complaints here.
  6. We've only booked a Getaway on one cruise, our last on the Escape, where we booked 14 days prior to sailing. Had we selected a cabin, it would have been an aft balcony on decks 12 or 13. Just days after making our booking, we were assigned cabin 13908, ... yes, an aft balcony. Coincidence? I don't know, but it seems like a decent risk to try again, particularly if there are several cabins of the type we prefer at a few days from sailing.
  7. After updating two reservations, we noted the same situation.
  8. I haven't seen this message (yet) for my upcoming Bliss cruise and the reservations show on my cruise docs, including reservations for Manhattan.
  9. Been there, done that at Teppanyaki, but was not charged for children eating off the kids menu.
  10. Getaway recently completed a two-week dry dock as is described @https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-ship-completes-two-week-dry-dock/32295.
  11. If the minimum is set to $00, then by all means, I would think they are taking all bids. Did you try moving the slider bar to see how it registered your bid?
  12. I disagree. See the post by Paulis, which from multiple cruises of experience, is accurate. You are not charged unless and until you order a meal from the specialty restaurants menu.
  13. According to an NCL PCC with whom I have worked, rooms go back into inventory 15 minutes after a cancelled reservation or release is given by a TA. I think the risk of losing your selected cabins would be small if you went ahead and booked with the new TA, and cancelled the old reservation immediately thereafter. Then wait for the cabins to show up on-line and have your TA grab them. We have worked with NCL directly to change our reservations, but capture favored cabins with success. I'd ask your new TA if they are up to ensuring you get what you want.
  14. It strikes me that focusing on only one element of cost in a complete cruise package is a bit like the parable of the six blind men and an elephant...it misses the big picture.
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