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  1. I sailed the Gem on Aug 23rd. I had 2 penthouse suites - myself and my 6 year old in one, and my 21 year old daughter and her 24 year old BF in the other. We were a couple doors down from one another. I was afraid of being judged, so I gave our butler a $50 bill for each room the first time we met him (he tried to decline this but I insisted). I knew we wouldn't be using him much. I have to say, he was amazing! It seemed every afternoon / night when we went out he was there in the hallway, had a big smile, and asked us if we needed anything. Brought great treats for us (m&m's, gummy bears, chips, the usual people talk about but that my 6 year old LOVED!). My eldest daughter did ask for O'Sheehan's to be delivered one (LATE) night and he came through. I gave him $100/per room at the end (tipped the steward MORE as she was absolutely phenomenal). I researched this a lot before we left as it was our first time in the "suite life". I was just happy that he was available if needed. Though he made it known from the beginning of the cruise that he worked the back of the ship as well, we always saw him around and he was very kind.
  2. I recently sailed the Gem with my 6 year old who has her dad's last name (he couldn't come due to work). We (my daughter and myself) both have passports, but I got a notarized letter from him just to be safe. No one batted an eye in Bermuda getting on / off the ship. Not sure about other ports, but it was all good on our end.
  3. Sailed the Gem last week. I don't drink hard liquor or wine, just beer once and a while. I was served cans in all public areas (near pools etc), and bottles from the inside bars. When we sailed the Dawn Sept 2017 it was all aluminum cans but we saw none of those anywhere! Also, if I asked for 2 they opened both and handed them to me. Kind of annoying but we still had fun.
  4. Yes it was amazing and HUGE! What I didn't know before sailing is that we could only access it (the balcony) during port days. They have some kind of steel barricade with multiple locks that they secure during sailing. It is obvious, looking back, we wouldn't be able to sit there while the ship was sailing but I wish I knew it beforehand. Still had a great time!
  5. Just off the Gem last week - we were in a penthouse suite right at the front of the ship (NOT Haven). You can definitely feel every movement - my 6 year old slept better than at home! But I woke up multiple times at night. I / we never got sick but it was a weird feeling, and some days hard to keep your balance in the shower! Here's a pic from our balcony:
  6. Was on the Gem last week and they had a $19.95 "fill the bag" laundry special 3 days in a row (maybe starting Sunday I think?). I sailed with my 6 year old so we took advantage of it and they did an amazing job!
  7. We had them every night last week on the Gem. We were in a Suite, though, and I had my 6 year old with me - who the room steward took a liking to.
  8. Here is my plate (yes I get my steak med/med well - don't bash me). Now that I look at it the lobster tail looks a bit weird but it was good!
  9. Yes! He brought both the first night and kept us stocked. He also brought cookies, sandwiches, lots of yummy treats. He got a good tip!
  10. Of course! I asked so many questions here I wanted to reciprocate. I had only used 2 of my 3 SDP and forgot to make a third reservation (last minute cruise). I called him Tues am and asked for Cagney's Wednesday night - before 8pm as I have a 6 year old in tow. He called me back a couple hours later and got us in for 7pm. He even came to visit us during dinner to be sure we were ok!
  11. Sorry I have no idea! We only did the smaller shows (at Spinnaker / Bliss). My daghter wanted to go to the comedy show and asked our concierge to get them in but he said it wasn't sold out and they "could just go right down". She ended up not going, so I do not know how true this is. I do know the circus act was very popular and saw a line to get in.
  12. Anoop Bhanu was our Concierge (I had very little interaction with him but he seemed very nice). Ravi was our butler (he was AWESOME). From what I gathered it sounded like all staff would be staying on for the Canada trips, then doing the 14 night to Caribbean in November, then they get a couple months break.
  13. This was not the case! They were displayed in the buffet area though. I supposed I could have asked but we just walked around and took a look.
  14. Do you mean main shows? I have the dailies. Main ones were: Friday - Sailaway dance party Sat - Swing Sun - The Magic of Titou Mon - Comedian Sam Fedele Tues- Blazing Boots Wed - Chernov Brothers (Circus Dance show) (and the Glow Party later in Spinnaker) Thurs - Get Down Tonight
  15. We ate here last night. I wasn't too impressed. But from what I gathered (sorry forgot to take a pic of the menu) - one app, one main, dessert. There were no sides that I saw. There were 2 (I believe) salads in the app section. I ordered the antipasti, filet with blue cheese ravioli and cannoli for dessert. The filet was amazing. My daughter got some penne dish and said the sauce was WAY overpowering. Daughter's BF got a mussel dish and really liked it ,but again, way too much sauce. Service was fantastic. I was underwhelmed with the ravioli.
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