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  1. When we sailed Aug 23rd, it was Anoop. Ravi was our Butler. Both were great.
  2. We sailed in a penthouse suite on the Gem back in August. We had 2 suites - my 21 YO daughter and her 24 YO BF in one and me and my 6 year old in the other. It was my first time not being in a balcony. The first day I gave $100 (per room) to our room steward (because kids) and $100 (per room) to our butler. I knew we wouldn't be using the concierge so I waited to tip. The room steward was VERY grateful and made our trip wonderful (in terms of towel animals / keeping the room clean and stocked with towels etc); our butler initially declined my money. I insisted, and he was readily available at all times (though we didn't use his services much). We found he would be in the hallway in the am and pm asking if we needed anything, and he always had a huge smile for us. I tipped $200/room to the room steward and $100 per room for the butler upon leaving the ship. I gave $100 to the concierge as we only utilized his services 1x but he came through. We didn't ask for nor expect much but the woman who took care of our rooms - Helen - was the sweetest, and most hard working person I have come across. It's all a personal preference, but I did find tipping in advance was beneficial for my particular situation.
  3. I sailed the Gem Aug 23rd in a Suite, so we did have some perks that Haven guests get. Yes, the butler has a portable phone and he was always available. We did not ask for much, but he seemed to be around in the am & pm (in the hallway). I had to call him 2x and he answered right away (Ravi was his name and he was GREAT!). For breakfast, we had the option to dine in Moderno, lunch was at Cagney's. We never made it to breakfast but the lunch at Cagney's was really good and pretty empty. We had 2 Suites - my older daughter (21) and her BF in one and me and my 6 year old in another. My eldest daughter called the Concierge one time to try to get into a show and he said it wouldn't be full and to just "walk in". We were totally ok with that - we were not expecting to be escorted in or anything. But it was certainly different than what your read about in terms of having these particular "perks". We loved the Gem and had a great time. If you go to Spinnaker, Sherwin is the best bartender!
  4. I sailed the Gem Aug 23rd of this year in a Suite on deck 9 (right at the front of the ship)- our drill station was in the Stardust Theater. There was plenty of seating for everyone!
  5. I sailed the Gem this August in a Suite (first time, had all the perks). I would not pay for this service on this particular cruise. The only thing that was worth it to us on the list above was the priority embarkation / check in (and of course butler service but that's not on the list). Disembarkation was not smooth - we stood in the theater for 40+ minutes while most of the rest of the ship got off (something about the luggage, nothing was really conveyed to us). Getting tender priority in Bermuda - we were escorted down some secret stairs to get off the ship but there was absolutely NO line to get off the ship from "regular" passengers, so that wouldn't be worth it for us either. Just my opinion and only for the Gem Boston - Bermuda.
  6. Tank tops for men are not allowed in Moderno. My daughter's BF was sent away to change. We did see a young lady with a crop top and short shorts though, so I guess it's only enforced on men. Casual was ok in Cagney's, Teppanyaki and La Cucina (we dressed "nice" but saw others in shorts, etc)
  7. Not the Dawn, but I sailed the Gem on 8/23 in a penthouse suite - deck 9 - right at the very front of the ship. It was kind of a last minute vaca, so what I wish I knew beforehand was we could NOT access the balcony at all during sailing days - they lock the door and tie down the furniture. Makes sense - it's just too windy. But I did not know this, and the main reason I book a balcony is for the extra room w/my 6 year old. We also had to close the curtains every nightfall as the Captain was right above us (I did know this prior to sailing, no biggie). On the plus side, the balcony was HUGE and we utilized it during port days.
  8. I sailed the Gem on Sept 23rd. I did not see any beer buckets anywhere (and we were all over the ship!). Interestingly enough, I DID see some people with 6 packs of beer (how do I explain this? Like the cardboard one you would grab from the liquor store?) in the Bali Hai bar area. I was intrigued, but had the drink package, and never asked.
  9. I sailed the Gem on Aug 23rd. I had 2 penthouse suites - myself and my 6 year old in one, and my 21 year old daughter and her 24 year old BF in the other. We were a couple doors down from one another. I was afraid of being judged, so I gave our butler a $50 bill for each room the first time we met him (he tried to decline this but I insisted). I knew we wouldn't be using him much. I have to say, he was amazing! It seemed every afternoon / night when we went out he was there in the hallway, had a big smile, and asked us if we needed anything. Brought great treats for us (m&m's, gummy bears, chips, the usual people talk about but that my 6 year old LOVED!). My eldest daughter did ask for O'Sheehan's to be delivered one (LATE) night and he came through. I gave him $100/per room at the end (tipped the steward MORE as she was absolutely phenomenal). I researched this a lot before we left as it was our first time in the "suite life". I was just happy that he was available if needed. Though he made it known from the beginning of the cruise that he worked the back of the ship as well, we always saw him around and he was very kind.
  10. I recently sailed the Gem with my 6 year old who has her dad's last name (he couldn't come due to work). We (my daughter and myself) both have passports, but I got a notarized letter from him just to be safe. No one batted an eye in Bermuda getting on / off the ship. Not sure about other ports, but it was all good on our end.
  11. Sailed the Gem last week. I don't drink hard liquor or wine, just beer once and a while. I was served cans in all public areas (near pools etc), and bottles from the inside bars. When we sailed the Dawn Sept 2017 it was all aluminum cans but we saw none of those anywhere! Also, if I asked for 2 they opened both and handed them to me. Kind of annoying but we still had fun.
  12. Yes it was amazing and HUGE! What I didn't know before sailing is that we could only access it (the balcony) during port days. They have some kind of steel barricade with multiple locks that they secure during sailing. It is obvious, looking back, we wouldn't be able to sit there while the ship was sailing but I wish I knew it beforehand. Still had a great time!
  13. Just off the Gem last week - we were in a penthouse suite right at the front of the ship (NOT Haven). You can definitely feel every movement - my 6 year old slept better than at home! But I woke up multiple times at night. I / we never got sick but it was a weird feeling, and some days hard to keep your balance in the shower! Here's a pic from our balcony:
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