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  1. "As the safety and security of our guests and crew is MSC Cruises top priority, we are closely monitoring the evolution of tropical storm Dorian. As of now, no changes are expected to MSC Seaside's itinerary. The next update will be provided by Wednesday, August 28th by 1pm. Throughout the hurricane season, any updates to itineraries will be posted on MSC Cruises web site and we encourage guests to continue to check the web site for the latest information." Guess we will know after 1pm tomorrow. Bret
  2. Yep, Seashore is supposed to be here for the winter season 21/22. Still claiming Magnifica going to Alaska summer of 2022 as we were surprised they would send a non YC ship there. Bret
  3. So weird you say this. My MSC rep just walked out of my office after telling me the Meraviglia will be staying in the Caribbean during the summer of 2021 doing the Seaside itineraries since the Seaside is going away. Which means it couldn't be doing that itinerary. You sure you didn't mean September of 2020 or is there more disinformation within MSC? 🤔 Bret
  4. Not sure this will help for the summer of '21 but maybe you can extrapolate. The ships in the Caribbean (Miami) for the Winter season 20/21 will be the Seaside, Meraviglia, Divina and Armonia (which will sailing out of Tampa at some point). For the Winter season 21/22, the following will tentatively be here, though itineraries are not in writing yet. The Seashore, Divina, Meraviglia, Magnifica (maybe), Virtuosa and the Armonia with the Magnifica going up to Alaska for Summer of '22. I didn't inquire about the summer season as my groups always seem to be in winter. Let the guessing begin. 😀 Bret
  5. During "Phase 1" or prior to the full opening, the YC cabanas will be on North Beach facing the lagoon. Regular bar/butler service will be available. Bret
  6. Yes, the Yacht Club Cabanas specifically say Yacht Club. Beachfront Yacht Club Cabanas and Ocean View Yacht Club Cabanas. The non-YC are just Ocean Cay (or Deluxe) Beach Cabanas. Bret
  7. 🤫 Well, if it's showing as an option to book for your sailing and it let's you book it, who's to stop you. 🤭 But they are only supposed to be available to book once onboard. Yes, the YC folks will have the Ocean House Beach (facing East on North Island) to themselves. There are only six cabanas at that time currently designated as Beachfront Yacht Club Cabanas. As far as I know, loungers and umbrellas will be available as well. This would be a good time to add my usual caveat, that MSC stands for Most Surely Changes. 😀 Bret
  8. No, it is the per cabana price. The computer system just adds "per person" basically to everything. Surprised you are seeing them online. They were supposed to have been pulled and only booked through the Concierge onboard as their computer system (in this part anyway) isn't smart enough to figure out who is in the YC and who isn't. So YC Cabanas could be reserved by non-YC people. It will get straightened out eventually. So yes, those prices you listed are correct for the cabana which holds up to six people. Bret
  9. See the picture for the cocktails included in the Easy Package. Bret
  10. Nothing has changed. I too about had a heart attack for our group date in January. They implemented a computer update this past weekend that changed many sailings to one day earlier. They have opened a high priority ticket to their IT department to get it corrected. No idea why they just couldn't roll back the update. Anyway, don't panic. They are working on it. (Unless you happen to be the unlucky one and your date did change. 🤭) Just kidding. Bret
  11. News to me. I've been working closely with MSC for over 10 years as a TA. Nothing regarding this has been passed on to our agency as of yet. Taking it a step further, I contacted MSC management who literally laughed a little and said "that wouldn't make a bit of sense." Sounds to me like that particular agency may have had issues with the cruise line. In any case, remember that MSC stands for Most Surely Changes, so who knows what's down the road. Bret
  12. Tenatively, the Yacht Club area for "Phase 1" will be the North Beach facing the Ocean Cay Lagoon. They will being utilizing 10 cabanas and will have one bar serving that beach (the Maze Bar). As I say will with all things MSC, it really stands for Most Surely Changes. 😀 Bret
  13. From experience , they won't refund once you step foot onboard. Your best best is to try to get it refunded prior to sailing. Bret
  14. Type @KenMuskat in the search bar and his feed should come up.
  15. Make sure you follow @KenMuskat (MSC Cruises USA COO) on Twitter. He will be doing real time tweets tomorrow from Ocean Cay. Hoping we get to see plenty of pics. Bret
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