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  1. I had numerous guests removed from the Bella Oceanview Deck 8 cabins on the Divina. Didn't inquire further as the reassigned cabins were better.
  2. @amygutman As long as it lists you as Done, you are. As one who has sailed on MSC at least 15 times (mostly on the Divina), I can tell you they will retake your picture at the pier whether you have uploaded it or not. Don't stress over it. I do see that the website for web check-in is down at the moment, so I guess things could be different when it comes back. I've always said that MSC stand for Most Surely Changes. Bret
  3. The latest information can be found here, https://www.msccruisesusa.com/health-and-safety-measures/caribbean-cruises which is where I'm guessing you saw the mask requirement. Things could change so keep an eye on it. The information has changed several times already since they first posted this page several weeks ago. Bret
  4. Yes, the Meraviglia departed yesterday at 6 PM on her test cruise with employees and family volunteers. Today she visited Ocean Cay. Bret
  5. A small sale starts tomorrow. Balconies for an inside cabin price. But...only on the Meraviglia sailings 8/2 - 9/13. I guess though a balcony on a 3 night starting at $179 isn't bad. Bret
  6. The plan as of a few months ago was to use Terminal #10. Didn't ask about the YC. Bret
  7. Per MSC Cruises USA Operations, it has been postponed until sometime in 2023. But as with all things MSC, that could change at any time. Bret
  8. Can someone tell me how a simple thread about the exciting news of an MSC return to service in the US turned into a hot mess mask debate? This is exactly why I left Cruise Critic for awhile. Unbelievable....
  9. Hopefully so, as they would have to do so in order to comply with their own new safety protocols to issue everyone a sea band for contact tracing. Bret
  10. If you can hang on for a few days, I just reached out today to Senior Management in Marine Operations to ask that very question for our group sailing in October. I will let you know what they say. I would think that the Divina would have to have it for contact tracing for the new safety protocols. Bret
  11. I haven't compared the two to see if there are differences, but here is another tech sheet draft I posted in January. I encourage folks to see if they are the same or if Seashore is a work in progress. 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2769050-seashoredeck-20/?tab=comments#comment-60678462 @mmbcater Thanks for bringing this subject up again! Lots of questions beginning to circulate about the Seashore. Bret
  12. I spoke this week with upper management in the Operations department regarding B2B. They are developing protocols for this and are not aware of CDC disallowing B2B. They're questioning right now the retesting for COVID for the B2B folks before getting back on for the 2nd voyage and other ways to maintain "the bubble". This is only for the Florida sailings and through the US office. The caveat is that the HQ office in Geneva may be aware of something they are not. Communication at MSC is not their forté. That being said, at the moment, they are proceeding as if B2B will be allowed but that coul
  13. Not combinable with the Civil Servant discount but is combinable with a 5% Voyager Club discount. At least that's what is supposed to happen. With MSC, you never know. 😉 Bret
  14. I think you missed my point of it not being any earlier than July. And yes, sending crew home now and recalling them at the end of May rather keeping them on an empty ship for another few months does make sense to me. But as you say...to each their own! Bret
  15. Just saw an article yesterday, but I don't recall where, that the Director of Port Facilities at Port Canaveral is tentatively planning/hoping on a July restart. Though he didn't say which cruise lines. Another cruise line I know has suites blacked out through June (as an educated guess - to limit the 125% FCC dollar amounts). And Celebrity just announced they plan on starting the Celebrity Edge here in the US (instead of Europe) in July. To me, all signs point to July before even an attempt is made. Oh and NCL is now repatriating crew they had recalled for service. 😢 Bret
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