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  1. Thanks for the review! We board in 2 weeks. Really looking forward to checking out this ship and visiting these ports again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have not been to those ports. We have only cruised from the west coast so we don’t have to fly. One day tho... There is a messaging option with the hub app but it costs $5 per person. I’ve never used it since I’m just traveling with my husband and we know where to find each other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. We are on this same itin. It does not overnight in Cabo. Tenders will stop by 6pm and the ship will pull out for the night and return in the morning. If you want to join in, we have a roll call going for the March 2nd sailing and a meet and mingle you can sign up for. We bounce excursion ideas off each other and just discuss the cruise and our excitement for how close it is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The social plan only covers things like Facebook messenger. I have had texts through iMessage go through on the social plan but I think that was luck and definitely not intentional. Texting needs a cell service unless it’s something like iMessage or Facebook messenger.
  5. The WiFi will only run the hub app if you don’t pay for a plan. I get the social plan every time we cruise to be able to message my mom through Facebook. She house/pet sits for us as well as taking care of my business so contact with her is important. The social plan works fine for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Just be aware that if you order a plan on the ship that it will be super slow compared to what you get at home. I try to use it early mornings before most get up and are online. You will have to contact your phone provider to see what your plan covers. That will vary pretty widely. Most ports have places with free WiFi, like a Starbucks or McDonald’s. You could always pop into those places for a drink and use their WiFi as well. I’ve never been to the ports you’re going to so someone else will have to advise what is available for WiFi in those particular locations.
  6. I honestly don’t know. I’m hoping someone else comes along who does. I just learned of their existence in another thread on here recently.
  7. In the comedy club you can get pitchers for about $35. We could get 5-6 drinks out of one pitcher. My hubby and I loved the pitchers since we could each get nearly 3 drinks each for the evening. Pitchers work best if you have someone to share with. They started making them stronger and stronger as the cruise went on because they knew us so well and we always tipped extra. We plan on doing this again and have heard that we can get fishbowls (same concept) in other bars around the ship. We pick a new drink each time and enjoy several glasses without the need for a refill. We honestly don’t drink much beyond the wine we bring aboard, a drink or two during the week with dinner, and the pitchers at night and those don’t happen every night either. We typically spend about $200-$250 total in drinks so cheers has never been worth it. Plus if I tried to drink enough to make cheers worth it I’d be sick. My stomach and head can only handle so much alcohol, especially vodka.
  8. It’s so dependent on traffic and everything going just right. Many people drive/fly in the day of and make it just fine. It makes me super anxious to do so. We drive to Vegas a couple days in advance and then drive to Long Beach the day before so if something goes wonky we have time to get it taken care of. Our interstate out of town has been known to be closed for hours because of an accident or weather. We know we have to give ourselves plenty of time for the unknown. If you live where there’s several possible routes it’s less of a risk. I live in Wyoming where that’s not really an option and we could get snowed in pretty easily. You live where that’s much less likely to happen.
  9. Yep that’s not a problem. We bring on the cheap stuff too. I much prefer a very sweet wine.
  10. Departure: Just a suggestion but if possible go the day before and get a hotel. Getting in at 1p for a 3p cutoff would make me a nervous wreck. Going the night before would allow for an easygoing start to your cruise. It would stink to get stuck in traffic or have car trouble on your way down and then not make it on time. Drinks: I just ask one of the bartenders when I pass a bar if I can have a couple wine glasses. They have yet to tell me no. I believe you can ask your room steward as well for a couple to have in the room. I fill mine before dinner and then take to the MDR.
  11. I don’t handle small spaces well at all and have never had a problem with an inside. It’s about the only thing we book. I can’t even ride the elevators without feeling super claustrophobic but have never had a problem with an inside room. I love how dark they are at night. I sleep so well! However, YMMV.
  12. They are currently working on making tap a talk work then they will be getting the branded app up and running again. I’ve been following a thread in the help section about it. Hopefully in a month or two the app will be back. I used the app a lot and miss it.
  13. The hub app can be used by connecting to the ship WiFi but you don’t need to pay for a plan. My husband never gets an internet package and can get on the hub app no problem.
  14. Enjoy! She’s one of my favorite ships. Loved the layout and ease of getting around.
  15. Crafting... last time we made bracelets when I cruised. They do crafts for weirdos like me who love making things while on vacation.
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