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  1. Thanks much and it would be a purchase and not a perk.
  2. A number of cruiselines have the policy where all adults in a cabin must buy the beverage package if one person buys. Does my sister have to buy a package if I want one on Celebrity?
  3. We are going on the Equinox 6/29/19 sailing. I have read conflicting reports about the casino. Does anyone know if the casino is getting new slot machines or not?
  4. Planning to take this next year....following along with you.
  5. Each cook/chef is different on each ship but we have never experienced any runny egg whites on any of HAL's ships but we have had hard poached egg yolks. Also we have never been asked how we would like the poached egg cooked. You can also get eggs benedict in the Lido Marketplace.
  6. From testing from 3 of us in a family (not same household) we have discovered its not the amount of money you spend in the casino...its the points that shows up on your card each time you play. We tried different levels of points which my sister hit the magic number and got free play immediately on the cruise as well as a casino offer for freeplay for next cruise booked within 30 days. This varied from $50 to $100 on the different ships. This number of points is not a secret and it is 1,000 points for this entry level into the discount cabins as well as freeplay offers. I was getting way less points and never got any offers until I reached a tad over 1000 points and now we are getting discounted cabins as well as free and the freeplays. My husband never reached that many points but for the first time he received an offer for discounted cabins yesterday by email but never freeplay. My sister and I play slots and if one did not get any winnings from the slots it is approximately $4 a point because we have sat there and counted the number of spins before the next point would show up on the machine we were playing taking into account the price of the slot machine.
  7. I am glad to read this as I truly believe its the knowledge or belief of the person you ask as we experienced on the last few ships Konsingdam, Zaandam, and Niew Statendam that some bartenders claimed we could only get "fountain sodas" and others had no problem giving us the cans. The cans cost more (2.59) with tip than the fountain drink (approximately 2.33) with tip, but we had to explain to those bartenders who claimed we could only have fountain drinks that we knew cans cost more and it is deducted each time from the soda card unlike the unlimited cards. Once they thought about that some gave us cans over the fountain drink. Zaandam was always cans, while Niew Statendam and Konsingdam thought only fountain drinks but depending on bartenders we could get cans upon request. We liked the cans as we paid for the can and could take the cans back to our cabin to get two drinks out of it therefore lasting longer than 1 glass of fountain soda. So next time we will try asking various bartenders to get the discount soda card.
  8. Yes you can buy the soda card at the bar for $50. There are two offered before leaving, one is $50 for $50 and the one that the OP inquiried about is the one for $25 for $50 (the discounted one).
  9. We always take advantage of that offer of paying $25 for $50 worth and purchase it ahead of the cruise. Tried to buy another one at the bar and customer service and it was not offered for the discounted price.
  10. We enjoyed the entertainment on both the NS and Konsingdam. Can't compare to Royal's big ships entertainment though. Both had a variety of entertainment, something for everyone to enjoy including all types of music. You should really enjoy it. Have been on NA and Eurodam as well and had no problems there either.
  11. We always get the unlimited laundry for length of cruise that equals $7 a day per cabin on cruises more than 7 days, that is for cruises originating from the states. Great price and they do an awesome job, ironed and on hangers.
  12. Just keep in mind the shows are at 8 and 10 pm on all the HAL ships we have been on, except the Konsingdam where the dancers were 8 and 10 pm and the guest performers such as comedians, majician, etc were at 6:30, 8, and 9:30 pm. The 8 pm shows one needs to get there at least 30 minutes early to get a seat together in a good spot, but the late shows were not packed so we always went to late show. The casino would be crowded as well after each show so we would go back to the cabin and go back to casino close to midnight. We ate between 7 pm and 7:30.
  13. Unfortunately the Zuidy does not have the NY Pizza deli but they do have pizza in the Lido Market.
  14. What people don't tell you is there is no smoking at the casino tables and only selected slot machines allow smoking and you must be playing at a machine to smoke. They have 2 non smoking days in casino and I am a non smoker and think their ventilation system is very good. There are not many slots that allow smokers to smoke and the machines are labeled in a group together if smoking is allowed. I have never been bothered with the few machines that allow it and one certainly does not need to sit at one that allows it if it bothers that person. Otherwise smoking is only allowed at the aft pool deck on one side of the ship where I do smell it and bothers me but these people have rights also, so you just go to the other side of the ship...simple.
  15. The creme based soups definitely, discovering them on an Alaskan cruise and have a bowl with each meal now.
  16. Welcome to cruise critic. You posted this under Celebrity cruises instead of Carnival, but to answer your questions this is per the Carnival site so you can have access to irons. Self-Service LaunderettesSelf-service launderettes are located on staterooms decks. There are 2 or 3 washers, 2 or 3 dryers, and 1 iron and ironing board in each launderette. The cost is $3.25 per washer load and $3.25 per dryer load. For your convenience, if you have not packed your own, each launderette has a vending machine that dispenses small boxes of detergent and water softener at $1.50 per box.
  17. As of this last week Zuiderdam casino was no smoking or e-cig all machines and tables.
  18. My kids are in their 30's and I would suggest to them to try Royal Carribean's Symphony of the Seas, Allure, Oasis, or Harmony as these ships have alot to offer in terms of adventure on board as well as an active nightlife. Their shows are fantastic including Broadway, iceskating, diving, and comedy. We loved those ships as well as Celebrity but Celebrity does not offer as much on their ship for someone young like yourself. There will be a time for Holland ships for you but not quite yet with what you described you are looking for. Right now Holland ships are our preferred choice.
  19. We just got off her on Sunday from a 11 day Panama Canal cruise. The ship, food, and service were all very nice but there would only be one reason why she wouldn't be in my choices of ships and that was the casino. It was the tightest I have experienced on all of the cruise ships and the only action was at the tables so I guess judging on the other HAL cruises that others experienced the same problem. So if you are not a casino player, then you should be having a great cruise on her. Enjoy!
  20. Yes its good for solo travel. You would pay for 2 minus the port fees and taxes for the non existent person. Offer is only good for 1 cabin.
  21. Did your offer you just got yesterday come by mail or email because I always get them as well. Hoping mine is in the mail.
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