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  1. Hello. Original Poster here. Before we keep going on about this subject, please know that I did NOT want to bring our friends into the Club Class dining area. I simply asked what the usual Club Class Dining extra is, and if it could be brought to me while in the Main Dining Room. I was not expecting to get my friends into the Club Class Dining area. I was simply wondering what the "extra" was, and from what I've learned, it's simply more like a special pasta or ceasars salad. Nothing to get excited over. Anyway, we are not even sure if they are going to book. In the meanti
  2. So here's another question along the lines of having friends sailing with us. Our balcony for this Alaskan cruise is very, very large. When we are at Glacier Bay or Hubbard's Bay, Can both couples order room service (in other words, food for four, but the "bill" being split between the two suite accounts?) and have it delivered to the one room (we will be hanging out on the balcony).....
  3. Thanks all. The only reason why we are club class was to get the particular suite we wanted. 🙂
  4. Hello. Very good friends of ours might join us on our cruise, but they won't be booking Club Class like we are. If we sat with them in the regular dining room, would we be able to order the "extra" that is being served in Club Class? In other words, if the "extra" was a lobster tail or something, would we be able to get that even if we are in the main dining room and not the club class section? Thanks.
  5. Hello all. I am the original OP. When I read through some of the answers above, I went back to the Princess website and the cruise actually was about $100 more ($50 each)....so obviously, I didn't do anything. Thanks all for the advice. If something changes, I will defintely call and use the term "refare". But, all in all, I am in Club Class (which I only did to secure this cabin), so my options may be limited.
  6. I have a wonderful cabin booked for an Alaska cruise tour in 2022. The fare came down about $180 for each of us, it is a Mini Suite Club Class....but when I called last week, the Princess rep told me that I would actually loose that room because she had to "rebook" it. OMG....I said NEVER MIND. I do NOT want to loose that particular cabin. It's a front facing suite. Can they actually refare it without actually having to cancel the reservation and starting over? Trust me, I'd rather loose $360 than loose that cabin.
  7. I saw people mention that in the "chocolate promotion" question. I thought I always had to call Princess myself? Can we really change things on our own? I"m afraid to do anything as I don't want to loose the suite I booked. Thanks
  8. OH, I meant to title this Majestic Princess. Don't know why I said Grand.
  9. Would love to hear from anyone who stayed in of these two mini-suites (or L 108 and L 107), and your thoughts. I'm thinking of one of these for an Alaska (Southbound Glacier Tour) and would love the balcony space. How is it as far as getting seasick since you are so high and in front? The room layout looks weird, but might be good for one sleeping in and the other watching TV. Would love to hear all of the pros and cons. Thanks so much!
  10. Yikes. I am booked on Majestic Grand on a DB4 tour in 2022 and it does include Glacier Bay. IT BETTER INCLUDE IT.....
  11. The Majestic holds 3500 passengers....or, let's say 1750 rooms. I know not EVERYONE who sails from Whittier to Vancouver does the land portion, but will the Captain Cook in Anchorage and Denali Princess in Denali have enough rooms to accommodate all of the land/tour bookings? Yes, I do worry about too many things....... LOL
  12. Thanks all! I have a forward cabin so planning on staying there for the most part, but would like to wander out to hear the rangers, but not be in a big crowd of people. The Majestic fits almost 3500, whereas the Coral which I will probably cancel, is 2000. Big difference.
  13. I think that the Majestic is new to Alaska. However, for those who have been on that ship previously (in other locations), what public areas do you think would be good for viewing Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay? I was supposed to be on the Coral Princess this year, but I might do Majestic Princess in 2022 instead. Thanks.
  14. So....2020 obviously was cancelled. I'm holding a reservation for May 2021, and also have a back up reservation for May 2022. Wondering if anyone here is going 2021? Not sure what things will be like? Are we better off waiting for another year? We are doing land/cruise. 2021 would be the Coral Princess, 2022 would be the Majestic Princess (which looks amazing, albeit 3500 passengers). What are any of ya'll doing?
  15. Room layout seems great. The balcony does look like you would get friend in the warmer areas. I'm thinking the only issue I'll have with Alaska in Glacier and Hubbard Bay will be the wind, but I will be dressed like Nanook of The North!
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