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  1. OK. I give up. I can't find my current invoice on my account (have a cruise booked for May.) Now, I have the original one when I booked back in April (yes I was brave)....and I have a current one because I was being charged $8200 for an Alaska Cruise/Tour and now the current price is $7200. She emailed me the new invoice, but she changed my room (I'm not happy but at least I'm on the same shipboard side). But for the life of me, I can't locate the invoice under my account. I remember it was ALWAYS difficult. I can't even go under Future Bookings because it comes up as an error (I'm assuming because of the security breach). Ugh....what to do?
  2. Oh my gosh. I meant to say Coral Princess. My bad!!! So, Coral Princess Vs. Nieu Amsterdam
  3. Alaska Cruisetour. Almost identical itineraries....which would you choose. Princess Star Vs. Holland Nieu Amsterdam. Princess Mini Suite Vs. Holland Signature Suite. Cook Hotel Vs. Westermark. McKinley Lodge Vs. Princess Denali. So, I know that Cook hotel is better, but it's really just one night. It really boils down to the ship details. All stop in Hubbard Glacier AND Glacier Bay. All leave from Whittier and end in Vancouver. Which cruise is better? We are active seniors (golfers), etc. Thanks
  4. Prices aren't available now on the website.
  5. Which would you choose. . Both cruises are very similar about a $900 difference in price. Both are land first in Denali, The Tundra Wilderness full tour, and then 7 day cruise to Vancouver. Here are the basics: Both are end of May 2021 Holland America: Nieuw Amsterdam. Double Denali - about $8100. Westmark Hotel in Anchorage one night; two nights McKinley Chalet in Denali; Tundra Wilderness; 7 day cruise to Vancouver includes Hubbards Glacier and Glacier Bay. Cabin: Signature Suite Princess: Coral Princess: Triple Denali - about $7200. Captain Cook in Anchorage one night, three nights Denali Princess Hotel; Tundra Wilderness; 7 day cruise to Vancouver which includes Hubbards Glacier and Glacier Bay. Cabin: Mini Suite Have free gratuities, free drinks (Princess includes drink gratuities also); free wifi, free Signature dining one night. ON BOTH SHIPS As you can see, the Coral Princess costs $900ish less, has one extra day in Denali and gratuities on drinks are included. For those who have done either one or both....which is better. The Signature Suite and the bathroom on Holland looks AMAZING....but again, it's just a room. Would be interested in your thoughts.
  6. Oh, I should have said I was looking for insurance just to cover the trip if we had to cancel. I honestly was not thinking a about medical. That now, is another ball of wax to explore. 😞
  7. Asking not because of Covid, but just in general. Is it better to buy insurance for your cruise through the cruise line when booking or making final payment, or perhaps is it a better deal to go with Allianz or AIG or someone else? Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. I'm assuming the Medallian is similar to the Disney Magic Band?
  9. You know, I think I realized that because I went to Google Maps. But, what I don't understand is why the rail is slower. Does it make multiple stops? Or is it one stop in Anhorage which is a long stop.
  10. Comparing Princess and Holland America Alaska cruise tours. It seems as though HAL transports you from Anchorage to Denali via Rail, and then from Denali to Whittier via Bus. Princess seems to do it in reverse. Bus to Denali and Rail from Denali to Whittier. Which seems better? I think I'd prefer the Rail from Denali to Whittier VS. taking the bus. Your thoughts?
  11. Thanks all. I think I got my Chicago airport mixed up in this post , but all good.
  12. Hello. I have a 7:00am flight out of YVR to Chicago. Will I have to go through customs first? The reason I am asking is that I have a 1.5 hour connection in Chicago and need to know if I'll have to go through Customs in Chicago, or is it taken care of in Vancouver. Also, is 7:00am too early? I will be staying at the Fairmont Airport Hotel. Thank you.
  13. Thanks all. I think I might book the Fairmont (I have anxiety about getting to the airport) . Since I am months out I booked and got a good rate. I'll check with stashing the bags at the Pan (obviously things can change ) once I get closer to the date (not till next year). Thanks all for your help!!!
  14. Hello. Will be docking in Vancouver.....flight home isn't until the next morning (8:00am). What is the best hotel option? Downtown, or AT the airport? Obviously, will have large luggage, etc. and want to spend the day sight seeing as we dock at 7:00AM. Thanks for your ideas.
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