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  1. 15 years in CC and every post turns into a smoking rant!!:'):') Am really looking forward to the Rolling Stones in January. Between that and BB King the joint will be Rocking!!:cool:
  2. It's been a bit since I have posted, but I will be cruising the Koningsdam for the first time and have a question. Are Mariner coffee discounts also honored in the Dutch Cafe or are we limited to discounts at the Explorations cafe?? Thanks in advance!!:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  3. That is a fabulous space for a single! :)
  4. Thanks for all the reports and pictures!! (been following the entire time, just quiet ;) ) Have fun with your upcoming time in Rome! :D
  5. Can't wait for your reports! Bon Voyage and enjoy your time in Rome too!!!
  6. Loving your report, you lucky gal you! Wish we could be with Pedro and you, the weather looks perfect, and if we were there, you'd might actually make it to the spa ;)
  7. Such a delight to read! You gals really know how to take a cruise! Thanks for sharing your adventures :D
  8. We were on board the week before. It was a wonderful cruise btw!:D I received my 300 day silver Medallion. ::cool: There was no VIP party that I was aware of, and we seem to always get an invite. I am thinking that the VIP party has gone the way of the DooDoo (sp?) Bird!:rolleyes:
  9. Bon Voyage my friend! I just know this trip will be wonderful for you and Tom! :D:D:D Bon Voyage to Roy also! I want to be him when I grow up ;)
  10. Thanks again for sharing your voyage with us. It was an honor and a pleasure. Your 'attitude of gratitude' was apparent at every turn, and it was a pleasure to read about the trip in that spirit. Safe travels home!
  11. So excited for you both! Bon Voyage! We look forward to hearing about the voyage. :D :D
  12. I think we all have to make personal decisions on travel. I loved Istanbul and Kusadasi very much. In my current personal situation, I'd not be comfortable traveling there at this time, but my situation differs from yours. I wish you and your wife a wonderful trip, both cities rank among my best travel memories to date. :D
  13. I feel so fortunate to have been able to visit St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Kusadasi in more politically stable times. They hold some of the worlds most wonderous treasures and it is tragic that security concerns now outweigh their beauty.
  14. We were also on the March 7 cruise. We felt that the ship's staff was wonderful, our room steward was excellent as well as the bar staff.:D Unfortunately, it was my first cruise on HAL which was greatly impacted by room related issues and smells.:mad::(:mad: I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your cruise and didn't encounter the same issues. :D
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