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  1. At the end of our 2018 cruise in Athens, we had reservations at the King George Hotel but were cancelled and rebooked at the Grande Bretagne which is next door. As stated, location, service, rooftop restaurant view, and food were excellent. We are booked on the Riviera out of Athens in September 2021, so based on our previous experience have made our pre embarkment reservations at the Grande Bretagne using points. The quoted rate is $650/room or so, beginning rate per night, so the O rate is basically comparable, although more than I care to pay in real money.
  2. In the last two years we have sailed on HAL and Oceania, twice on each. While we enjoyed both cruise lines, each has their positives and negatives. On the Riviera and the Marina, there are 4 specialty restaurants included at no extra charge, where we really enjoyed the food. The MDR on either line is comparable, but we liked the Terrace on O better than the HAL Lido although we used those venues only for breakfast. In my opinion, the pesky photographers on HAL along with the nickel and dimeing is what we enjoyed doing without on O. We did 7 day Caribbean cruises on HAL, but on O our cruises
  3. You will not be disappointed with Oceania, as we have enjoyed the Riviera and the Marina. Our first voyage on Viking Ocean is in June of this year, looking forward to it and hoping we sail! We cruised on Celebrity years ago, but now we prefer smaller ships.
  4. We were in 7128 (a PH2) on the Marina for a 12 day Baltic cruise last year. There was some slight vibration at times, but not bothersome to us. We would not hesitate in booking the same accommodations again.
  5. When we can book with air miles, we do. In fact, we just booked flights for the Riviera 9/2/21 cruise using AA air miles, so no issue with the deviation fees this time.
  6. We have been in the A cabin on the Riviera and found the hot breakfast nice, but as earlier noted, the dining space is a challenge. The amenity that we enjoyed was unlimited access to the spa sun deck with the comfortable lounges and the open air thalassotherapy or whirlpool. Of course, day passes are available for others in B and below staterooms. We were booked on the Marina in one of the extended balconies but got a last minute upgrade to a Penthouse which also had the extended balcony. Unfortunately, we were spoiled with the PH3 and the extra room, but not the price. IMO the B3 statero
  7. We did a HAL cruise and used their Flight Ease booking feature, and no deviation fee was charged. I wish we were Gold O Club members, but we started using O a little too late in life. Other than the deviation fee, we are very loyal to Oceania and are optimistically booked on the Riviera in September 2021.
  8. Totally agree with both points, however using O’s air for early arrival forces the $175 pp non refundable deviation fee. The non refundable deviation fee IMO is a ripoff by Oceania, but a necessary evil.
  9. Actually it was by Giambologna, the photo is of the original on display in the Piazza Della Signoria. It was carved from a single block of marble. A reproduction is in the Academia where the original David by Michaelangelo is displayed, and conversely a reproduction of David is displayed in the Piazza Della Signoria.
  10. Still waiting on the refund of our deposit for a Rotterdam cruise. As soon as we were notified of the sale of the ship, I requested a refund. My travel agent has followed up on my behalf, I have spoken directly to a HAL customer service rep and was told that it it in process. Very dissatisfied with the way HAL is holding our money.
  11. We were on our first Mediterranean cruise and our port of call was Livorno where we chose to visit Florence.
  12. We had 7128 on the Marina and we were not at all vision obstructed.
  13. I was raised in an era where manners and decor mattered. So, even in a McDonalds, I remove my cap when eating. Thankful that we don’t have to deal with suits or tuxedos on “formal” nights, no problem with the “country club casual” rules.
  14. I agree with most posts that people should dress to their comfort level as we are on a vacation cruise. I will possibly overdress for the speciality’s by wearing a jacket, but not often in the GDR, and never a tie. I have seen on other lines, but not so far on Oceania, men in the GDR in jeans, tee shirts and ball caps on backwards. Let’s hope that country club casual is observed by all O passengers and enforced where appropriate.
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