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  1. The policy of limiting the number of bottles of wine that a passenger is allowed to bring on board is an insult on the passengers. For lines that cater to a younger party crowd, it may make some sense, while HAL clientele tend t be more mature it is inapplicable. I am looking at booking a 14 day cruise and will be limited to bring aboard 2 bottles for in cabin use. Any more than 2 bottles of wine ail be subject to a $20 corkage fee, whether consumed in the cabin or in GDR. I have not finalized the booking for a 14 day cruise and this immature rule is causing second thoughts about HAL.
  2. I booked one of the extend balcony B3 staterooms on Marina but was offered an upgrade to a PH2 for a nice price. Otherwise, the A stateroom is our choice, the spa deck being the main attraction, especially on Riviera. We have an A3 booking on an 18 day cruise and think that the laundry service will be important. Incidentally, we loved the PH but the price differential with either A or B staterooms gives me second thoughts. There is no bad choice on the O ships, but location is important.
  3. In 2019 we did a Marina itinerary with 3 days in SPB. We were in a roll call organized private tour with Alla. I highly recommend the 3 day SPB itinerary and ditto for Alla, or one of the other private tour groups. We have a group of 10 and although I would have preferred a slightly smaller group, it was a wonderful experience.
  4. Totally agree that O does not offer an itinerary as far north as the North Cape, with the exception of one. Viking has an itinerary called Into the Midnight Sun while, not exclusively Norwegian fjords, it does include the North Cape which meets my needs. We were booked on the 6/14/2021 sailing which was a covid cancellation and may consider it in the future when the covid problem is over. O is our preferred cruise line but the Norwegian fjords itinerary goes to Viking.
  5. One of the PH benefits is your butler. Our butler offered to arrange extra specialty restaurant reservations and was able to secure 3 more. This was on a 12 day cruise.
  6. Viking requests full payment months earlier than O. We booked in August for a cruise in the following June, and full payment was due at the end of the month. They did give us a break extending the full payment by 60 days, which was still 7 months out from the cruise date.
  7. We were in 7128 on the Marina and the deck is extended, very spacious.
  8. We have stayed in a Veranda(A4) on Riviera and a PH2 on Marina. They PH is more spacious with a small but suitable eating table. We were able to enjoy hot breakfasts in the PH which was important for early excursions on our port intensive cruise. It is very tight to manage a hot or cold breakfast in a Veranda. The PH has a walk-in closet, much more functional than the veranda. However, our next two cruises are booked on Riviera and Marina in verandas, A3. The B3 has some aft rooms with extended verandas, and those are worthy a look. Check the deck plans. For your 7 day cruise, the B room would be my choice, closer call for the 12 day cruise unless price differential comes into play.
  9. I would not risk the tight schedule as proposed. Avoid the stress of the tight connection and take a later flight, probably the next day. Why end a wonderful trip with a stressful flight connection?
  10. Join the Roll Call for your cruise on Cruise Critic. This is a good resource for joining or organizing private tours in addition to the excursions choice of the O Life options.
  11. There is uncertainty involved in planning international cruises for 2022 and beyond with the air travel portion. We had booked flights for a 9/2/2021 cruise out of Athens as early as permitted by AA, using our own booking using flight miles. One leg of the return flight was cancelled in December and we were able to book a replacement. A few months later, another flight cancellation with no alternative flight, other than with an overnight stay at Heathrow. After all that, the cruise was cancelled and all the fees and flight miles were returned. Still waiting for the Oceania refund. Until the air travel returns to stable conditions it is foolish to book flights nine months out, and I can see why O’s air policy changed, but it is likely temporarily. Covid has caused disruption and tragedy far too long.
  12. Just an update on our cancellation, our travel agent submitted our refund request for the cancellation on 4/7, received the deposit refund on 4/13 and the full amount on 4/17. That is absolutely impressive!
  13. For those who are not WSJ readers, this was published as an Opinion column, not a news article. There is a definite difference with the WSJ.
  14. We received an refund to our credit card yesterday for only $1,000 which was our deposit, but the remaining balance for our full payment was not refunded. Is this the normal operating procedure for Viking?
  15. We received an refund to our credit card yesterday for only $1,000 which was our deposit, but the remaining balance for our full payment was not refunded. Is this the normal operating procedure for Viking?
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