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  1. We booked a 4 night on the Carnival Conquest for November 2021 and are looking for a 7 night on the Pride in january 2022. We can't wait !
  2. I would like to know your insight. Love time in steam room on cruise or in Vegas. mojitos24 a hotmail com
  3. Glory it's a Conquest Class ship so the set up is really good. Big steam and sauna both with big windows on the ocean. It's located in the men or women locker room. Look on google for picture, we love the conquest class.
  4. Yes I know Marks mom post and Gemay Dad. We are on the Conquest August 2018 and we have such a good time with the Conquistators. Return next february on the Conquest, I hope both are still present 🙂
  5. Is Gemay still present with the Conquistadors?
  6. On the conquest, summer 2018, it looked like he counted coffees from the coffee bar in our 15 drinks. We will check on the next cruise in February 2020
  7. We book our new cruise today and paid for the entire cruise and we receveid our credit deposit after some explication
  8. We booked a cruise from Galveston and made a 99$ deposit. The final paiements is supposed to be on nov 18th. We want to modify the cruise and depart from Miami instead of Galveston. When I called the advised me I would lose our deposit because we used the casino offer ( which we had no idea). They refused to transfer our deposit from one cruise to another. Did anyone encoutered the same situation ? Should I call back ? I did not book the cruise from Miami yet...
  9. @cruisestud I did a cruise on the Conquest last August. Very large sauna and steam overlooking the sea. Busy by the moment, morning around 7:00 to 9:00 and end of the day around 4:00. Sometimes also in the evening. We have them nice discussions. We look to redo a cruise in the Conquest class soon
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