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  1. That’s what I found also. Not worth losing any OBCs and my non refundable deposit!
  2. That’s the promo # although the description does not indicate that the ezair is tied to the cruise fare. I would love to be able to rebook my air at the lower rate.Thanks
  3. The Princess agent told me it started Wednesday 10/31, wouldn’t give me more info as I am booked through a TA. I can’t find it on the Princess site but If you “mock” book, the cruise fare is not reduced but the ezair is almost $200 less. Somehow the cruise fare and air are tied together. I have a note in to my TA, but I do not want to lose my OBCs unless it’s really worthwhile.
  4. Does anyone have information on the newest Princess Promo #K9B. It is tied together with cruise fare and ezair fare,
  5. I have been told the operator doesn’t begin running this tour until June 1 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. I guess I missed this in “the before you cruise” part of FAQs. Thank you
  7. Does anyone know for sure that Princess has a luggage service that will take my luggage at the port in Vancouver and ship it to my home? I can’t call the number given me until Monday. After I disembark I have another land tour booked and I will not need cruise clothes and do not want to haul another suitcase.
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