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  1. I would in a heartbeat but would have to convince the wife, she's worried about an extended quarantine but not getting sick.
  2. I am looking forward to my first trip to Alaska on the Freedom in May 2021, we ended up going with the Captain's suite. Hopefully it was a good choice.
  3. I saw a Golden Corral when I was traveling that was reopening so I went there to support them. They continued operating buffet style as opposed to cafeteria style and handed customers the plates. They also provided gloves that had to be worn while getting food off the buffet. I could also see Carnival going that route. On a side note it was the best quality food I ever have eaten at a Golden Corral.
  4. I took the time to do the survey as well. While I'm sure they have a plan in place it is nice that they asked my thoughts about it.
  5. Group face masks sound fun, but can you wear them in the dining room on elegant night? LOL
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