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  1. Many Carribean cruisers have made donations, some cruise lines used their ships if in the area, or set up matching funds like Celebrity. A good "View from the Bridge" article about the response. It appears many lines have stepped up to provide humanitarian aid, except Windstar. When I politely asked on their FB page how they planned to help the islands that have long been key to their sailing ship itineraries, my post was deleted, and no answer to an email. Thank you to CruiseCritic for covering the aftermath of this hurricane and the corporate responses to the disaster to help us all decide on future cruising plans.
  2. That would be interesting if you did. Let us know ::confused: hope you at least get to the beach. Myron (our voyage leader, aka cruise director) took pains to explain that the only way to visit VG itself, and not just Prickly Pear Island, would be by excursion. Wanted to add that the excursions all started at 8:30 so you can do ship's excursions and not miss any of the food and fun promised at the "beach experience". Since Windstar has plied all these ports for decades, the last minute alternate shore excursion at Roadtown was surprisingly poor quality. There were taxis with better equipment idled at the port, if you end up there walk off and find a newer jitney, with a speaker that works, on your own.
  3. Short answer: Still No. The tenders will take passengers only to Prickly Pear Isle...that is, IF the weather allows a stop there. On the 1/7 sailing, it did not. Must take the ship excursion to get to Virgin Gorda and Baths. Winds were high and ocean rough this past Friday, and as you will see on other cruise reviews, the captain had to skip Prickly Pear and the beach experience completely. Tricky approach even in good weather. We docked at Roadtown Tortola instead. Only a land tour of island was offered as the beaches were too rough and closed. We took it to use our OBC, as our VG Sail and Snorkle had been refunded. * It did remind me why I avoid ship bus tours of any port. :rolleyes: Exception this trip was the Montserrat Island Tours booked privately, very good..we had David, Sun's father as driver.
  4. Caribbean, all tendering into small islands except St Maarten. Not going far in distance but exploring new islands and relaxing. http://www.windstarcruises.com/cruise/caribbean/san-juan-and-the-virgin-islands/?id=100&sid=20767
  5. Hi Lois, Wish I could help you because you are always a kind and trustworthy source of great information on the Celebrity forum. But the cruise we take this week is our first with Windstar. I can add that through a TA we have been pleased with their customer service, especially when it came to their very generous "price match guarantee". The price drops after final payment are often a contentious issue on other lines, with Windstar some type of compensation will lessen the sting. Enjoy the process deciding which of Windstar's many unusual itineraries in Europe you will finally choose...they all look good to me as well.
  6. I booked late through a TA, 5 weeks from sailing, days later Windstar's Xmas sale dropped the price substantially. It was made clear to my TA and then to Windstar that we would only accept an OBC, and that's what we were given. I have a good relationship with our TA, used her many times. It is also our first Windstar after loyalty to another line, so first impressions are valuable for them to cultivate. Don't know for sure, but having an experienced agent with a high volume agency ask for our OBC may have helped. The Windstar price match guarantee is a fantastic advantage for the value shopper, go ahead and book:)
  7. From prior threads on the price match program, I understand an OBC cannot be used for gratuity or casino, but can be used for others, drinks, excursions ( bought on board not before) spa, store, ... http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2419501
  8. From LonelyPlanet, "There is taxi service on the island, but they’re basically público vans designed to get large parties of people back and forth between the ferry dock and Playa Flamenco for a couple of dollars per person." can also rent jeeps, golf carts, scooters, bikes. Beaches and nature preserve the top draw. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/puerto-rico/eastern-puerto-rico/culebra
  9. Recent phone call, Windstar told me must take shore excursion. Tenders only go to Prickly Pear Isle. The sailing catamaran excursion doesn't list specifically which beaches/snorkeling area it goes, likely varies by sea conditions, but mentions granite boulders. Other VG beaches than the Baths have similar boulders. We are planning to take that excursion.
  10. From what I've read not much at Little Bay, some beach bars, dive center, etc. The interesting parts of the island and volcano history/viewing is to the south. A local tour was recommended on this thread: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2421526 First visit for us too, can't wait to see MVO and more of the island than the port area. We are on the Jan 7th sailing, a roll call has been started.
  11. A Holiday Sale is advertised for Dec 12-23, and suite price dropped substantially within a few days of booking through our TA. Windstar did give us an OBC for the difference a month from sailing. First Windstar cruise, customer service gets high marks so far.:)
  12. Hello to anyone who may suggest ship or private excursions on this itinerary, This is our first cruise on Windstar and I have just begun thinking about what to do in ports, there are not many reviews for the Legend on this itinerary so any help would be appreciated. It appears that at Virgin Gorda the ship is anchored near Pickly Pear Isle and the tenders only go there for the beach BBQ. One review mentioned you would need to book a ship shore excursion to get to Virgin Gorda...has anyone done that or is there another option? What are the options for exploring on your own in Jost Van Dyke from Great Harbour? I have visited Foxy's and Soggy Dollar before by sail, and want to show DH the island, though the ship's tours seem limited for such a long time in "port"..(not complaining about that:) at all) Thank you for all the recommendations for the Monserrat tour, will try to join Su-Arizona (posted on your roll call...there are now at least four on the cruise). Someone mentioned renting a golf cart on Culebra, easy to get around on own. I've just started reading trip advisor etc for ideas, but any of your favorite port experiences based on where the Legend anchors would be helpful. Thank you,
  13. We took the Celebrity SK85 that included the Gold Rush Sled dogs...everything was wonderful...but the Sled Dogs were the best part. We didn't know until that morning if we were on the bus up or down version of this excursion. Our bus was waiting right on the dock and we took a short ride to the Sled Dog demo for about an hour stop. Mark explained everything anyone wanted to know about sled racing with wit and charm, and we all were able to hold little puppies (awww...cute). Back on the bus, a few quick photo stops up to the border, then about a 20 minute wait to get though customs, then right from bus onto train for ride back to Skagway. Spectacular scenery! Highly recommend this flavor of X excursions. There is getting on and off a coach bus and the train, short walk to dog area that is flat. Arrived back at the depot that is on edge of town. From there could take another coach back to ship or could walk through town to see Skagway on own. Not too long a walk depending on use of wheelchair or whatever mobility issues involved, but not on dock either. Can see the distances on google maps.
  14. Dorene, Had to answer your post because I was born and raised in Meriden :)Maloney..a long time ago;) We just had the Sky Suite on the Millenium and the new restaurant, Luminae was wonderful!! Embarkation was the fastest ever, barely slowed at each check point and check-in line for suites was nil. A few minutes there, picked up a sparkling wine as we entered, and walked directly to Luminae for lunch. Had that great burger everyone raves about and just as we considered taking a walk on the deck, the staterooms were ready. Bags arrived an hour or so later. With room service and Blu, the butler, reserved seats for formal night shows, enjoy every one of the Sky Suite perks! Booked the Olympic for our one speciality restaurant, and the Elite hostess gave us another night there, but frankly, we hated to miss Luminae... it is that good. Enjoy every minute, and perk! of your anniversary cruise.
  15. A small number of Elites on our recent Millennium Alaska cruise, so breakfast was in the Olympic Restaurant with full waiter service, no buffet like Tuscan. With so very many breakfast options in a suite I never made it there, mostly ate in Luminae and Blu, but such elegant location for breakfast!
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