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  1. Actually the mrna vaccines do activate t-cells.
  2. Maybe because your cruise ended more than 2 weeks ago?
  3. You don't have to wait more than a month after having covid before you can be vaccinated. Immunity of recovered cases is not the same as having the vaccine because it can be a lot shorter than the vaccine. The vaccine is still recommended if someone has recovered from covid. In most states, the vaccine has been available to all since April/May. So even if you caught covid right before you could be vaccinated you would have recovered, waited a month and been fully vaccinated by now. It might've been different for the July cruises but at this point having previously had covid is not a valid reason not to be vaccinated. (For 18 plus at least, without another medical reason preventing vaccination.)
  4. Looks like Carnival updated and will allow certain proctored self-tests. https://www.carnival.com/Legal/covid-19-legal-notices/return-to-service-faqs Is a self-test acceptable? Vaccinated guests may use a medically observed self-test (sometimes referred to as home test) that meets the following criteria: The test must be a SARS-CoV-2 viral test (nucleic acid amplification test [NAAT] or antigen test) with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please note, antigen tests are accepted for fully vaccinated guests, but not for unvaccinated guests. The testing procedure must include a telehealth service affiliated with the manufacturer of the test that provides real-time supervision remotely through an audio and video connection. Some FDA-authorized self-tests that include a telehealth service may require a prescription. The telehealth provider must confirm the person’s identity, observe the specimen collection and testing procedures, confirm the test result, and issue a report that meets the requirements of acceptable proof of a negative COVID-19 test.
  5. Not sure if the OPs email is wrong or they read it wrong. The website says that Platinum/Diamond won't have early access to cabins like you experienced.
  6. Delta was ravaging India in May. With the announcement by the CDC in May to not require masks indoors if you're vaccinated (or unvaccinated and just don't care) and slow vaccination rates in a lot of the US, I think a lot of people suspected a surge coming.
  7. You have to be tested on board so I would assume if you have to fill it out again they would have you do it then. Or you could print off an extra copy when you fill out the first one.
  8. Only time I've seen a game on the big screen was on embarkation day before sail away.
  9. Masks are only being recommended in areas with low vaccination rates. Carnival requires 95% of passengers to be vaccinated. IMO, the only thing that would interfere with Carnival cruising is if there is a major outbreak on a 95% vaccinated ship.
  10. I was replying to the person that said you had to have at least one person in the room that was 25. I knew it was different with children. Misread the person's post.
  11. I sailed alone with friends at 21 back in 2007 so you have to be at least 21, not 25.
  12. We made a reservation for there for our September cruise but we made it back in May. It's still showing in cruise planner though.
  13. The dates of the cruise aren't changing, just the ports.
  14. When we were there a few years ago there was only one row but the clamshells were all in the back row. There were I think 3 rows of chairs in front of you; so there's not clamshell blocking your view of the water but you're not in the front row.
  15. Are you stopping at a hotel at all? Check if they have a business center. I'm sure someone at the hotel could help if you needed it.
  16. Keep checking your cruise. You will probably have cancellations of unvaccinated people, either with people being denied exemptions or just not wanting to go with the restrictions.
  17. You just get a morning towel animal instead. We choose morning service because we like to be at the pool or off the ship in the morning and still receive plenty of towel animals 😀
  18. I'm on the same cruise and dying to know, just out of excitement. Doesn't matter where we go, I'm just curious. But still just happy to be cruising. And I know it could change again depending on hurricane season. I'd love to go to HMC again though.
  19. Basically it's a deep conditioning treatment with a scalp massage and they will blow dry her hair. But it's not a regular blow dry. It's like when you get your hair done and they blow it dry and it looks fabulous and you can never do it the same way yourself. She will really enjoy it I bet!
  20. Do you mean because it's leaving from Baltimore? I imagine once you are on ship it's still Carnival's call. Right now everyone has to wear a mask during embarkation anyway.
  21. I'm on the Horizon and wondering something similar. We are booked inside 5211 and the only other inside available on a different floor is 6465 which is the last inside in the hall, closest to the stairs/back of the ship. I'm a very light sleeper but I wasn't sure if noise would be worse on the same floor as the Havana Bar or directly above it.
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