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  1. I am thinking about this for my cruise next week. Is the water the nice Caribbean blue? In your second picture it's hard to tell. I can see blue in the distance but it doesn't look it where the beach is.
  2. We are on Freedom of the Seas. When I pull up the trip in cruise planner, nothing shows up under Entertainment. Do they not have itineraries available before the sail date?
  3. I'm so sorry if some of these already have topics. I scanned but couldn't see anything and I'm down to just 4 days. If anyone has the answers to my questions, it would be greatly appreciated! 1. Internet - My daughter is going on this cruise with me and she needs internet to stay in touch with her boyfriend. I don't need it, but would like it. It says there is a savings if I pre-buy it now instead of onboard. It looks like the cheapest package for one device is around $76, around $263 for two (which makes no sense). Last year we sailed with Carnival and the rate was much cheaper and we purchased the plan onboard. Do these prices sound right? Is RCC more expensive than Carnival? Should I wait or pre-buy? 2. Is there a way to view the daily activity sheets before boarding? When can I make reservations for shows? Do I have to wait to be onboard? I know I have other questions but my brain isn't functioning right now. I'm a bundle of nerves getting ready for this trip. So again, my apologies if the answers are already somewhere on here.
  4. I can't remember how long disembarking took during our January cruise but if our ship docks in San Juan at 6:00 am, am I safe to book a 3:35 pm flight?
  5. My daughter and I are cruising out of San Juan on 1/6/19 and to play it safe we are planning to fly in on 1/5 and stay just one night. I've been researching non-stop and can't find a decent hotel for under $300/night. Once they add in taxes and resort fees it's closer to $400. I don't really care about night life or exploring San Juan. We just want to relax by a nice pool. Beachfront would be a plus but not required. Any suggestions? Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort looks fantastic, but comes in at $352.
  6. I'm going to look into this but from what I've read so far, swimming with the turtles is something we need to do in Barbados. Do you agree? We did Stingray Alley in Grand Cayman and loved it. I assume it's along the same lines, but turtles?
  7. TheSunsetGlow..THAT i my idea of a perfect beach! How gorgeous!! Thank you!
  8. My daughter and I will be cruising on Freedom of the Seas from 1/6/19-1/13/19. I'm in the process of researching excursions but we want one day strictly dedicated to the beach. Best beach to me would be calm, clear water, sandy bottom, as little children as possible (so no blow up water toys needed). Not looking for any water related activities. Just want to park our rear ends, soak up sun and swim...but in the stereotypical Caribbean blue clear water. The ports we are stopping at are: St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados and St. Maarten. Obviously everyone has their own opinion but I'm curious as to which place has the most gorgeous beach. Also, if there is an excursion at one of these stops that in your mind is a "must do," please let me know! Interested in any and all opinions. Thank you!
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