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  1. Hi we are going on MSC Grandiosa in a few weeks time and wondered if anyone had taken photos/ scans of the daily newsletters showing the times of restaurants, bars shows etc. for the current set of 7 days med cruises please? (We cant remember the name MSC use). If someone could post them it would be really useful. thanks Roger
  2. I posted yesterday about getting a cruise repriced in UK and an interesting little bit of RCL ‘naughty’ system based pricing has popped out in the recalc.... The new suite guarantee price straight off the website with the current promotion ex C&A discount is £2,599 for two passengers made up of: Base price £3,892 Less 60% discount £1,168 Less spec discount £125 promo not C&A Total £2,599 plus a further $200 OBC this offer is supposed to be combinable with C&A but when you ask for the C&A discount to be added the pricing changes... base price £3,892 less 60% discount now of £1,086 no special discount Less C&A discount of £274 total £2,532 plus a further $200 OBC interesting how even though it is stated as combinable the special discount disappears but even the calc of the ‘60%’ off changed! The system seems to be focused on ‘this is your price’ however you configure it....
  3. Ourusualbeach, thanks for your wise words of experience from reviewing the site. all insight is gratefully received! It’s a very useful perspective as maybe we’ve been much more lucky than we realised as we’ve done it on several occasions in the last few years. Our travel agent himself was confused this time as he did at least one of them for us! (Also on Twitter RCL said they would help our travel agent reprice it but maybe they missed the aspect of it being a UK booking even though it was stated).... cheers again, Roger
  4. Hi SRF and thanks is that a recent change though? As UK bookings were eligible because we’ve done it before. Are you from the UK?
  5. Hi does anyone know if Royal has changed policy regarding repricing when cruise is booked a long way out and there is a drop? We’ve booked for 2021 (a UK booking) and wanted to reprice and our travel agent phoned Royal to get an advisor tell him that we can’t reprice and she refused to let him speak to someone else! she claimed that only cruises booked on board could be repriced. However, we’ve repriced before provided it’s a long way out and our understanding is we can only do it once without paying a fee but it’s a surprise that allegedly we can’t do it at all! Any recent experience anyone? Any help greatly appreciated. all best Roger
  6. Hi folks just a couple of quick questions which I know i should have a view on already but I thought worthy of asking the collective wisdom of CC to guide on! (Crawling over..). One is directly relating to this and one is a wider question but relates to bookings for 2021... 1. Harmony OTS - does anyone have a view why RCI have made the eastbound TA a 12 nighter (with one stop in malaga) i.e. the pretty standard eastbound itinerary and legth of cruise, but the Westbound is 14 nights but again ONLY with a stop in Malaga - any views why 2 extra sea days have been added back to the states? (I know Allure is 14 nights in November 20 but there are more stops). 2. Junior suites on Harmony - are they eligible to use Coastal Kitchen? (I recognise the C&A volumes challenges but I'm just wanting to know the 'normal rules' and also if there are just too many to use CK what arrangements has RCI made in those circumstances for JS passengers??) Any help will be very much welcomed. regards and thanks in advance Roger
  7. Wow we were very surprised that there are seemingly lots of bad reviews of Symphony.... have seen some from (maybe the same) people commenting time and again about what they didn’t like (you have to respect their views of course) but have to say our experience of Symphony was fantastic... we did the transatlantic last year and also once this year and it was a truly beautiful ship and everything was awesome.. no issues at all. Interestingly hooked is our favourite restaurant on board by some distance - we loved it full stop. Can’t comment on the main finding room food as we booked the dining package and found the food delicious as a result. We have never felt any of the Oasis class ships to be crowded at all (except when moving to a major population event such as theatre, acqua theatre etc) if anything the Oasis class continue to amaze us that even with the level of passengers and crew on board there is pretty much always a seat where you need one (ex maybe at Karaoke if you wander in if it’s been going for a while). We did hear a fair few people in the diamond lounge complaining that the ship ‘isn’t like it used to be on the smaller ships in the past...’ which again you have to respect as those people are entitled to their views. But to review the ship as being poor is strange and certainly not our experience of all the RCL ships... the Oasis ships are simply awesome if you want a classy and resort style vacation with lots of entertainment... if you want traditional cruising then they may not work for people and I respect that too. You pay your money and take your choice.
  8. Just to say again, thank you to all for your wisdom and sharing experiences and perspectives. Maybe it was ‘my bad’ in terms of loose language but I wasn’t looking for people to ‘tell me’ the answer hence I deliberately didn’t include anything about pricing (I had worked out that if it was a silly price then maybe not upgrading was the right solution....). i guess I was looking for what many people included in their posts which was what they viewed to be their ‘value’ of distinguishing features as they saw them. It was excellent to receive perspectives around the aspects which made it ‘worth’ the up sell to fellow cruisers. We thank you all who went to the trouble of submitting their thoughts, they were all gratefully received. ps based on this feedback we went for the upgrade!!!!! Money involved - NOT DISCLOSED!
  9. Thank you very much those who’ve replied so far - your perspectives are valued and very much appreciated. All other views from anyone will be equally gratefully received! all the very best, roger
  10. Hi folks, we’ve sailed a few times on Celebrity but usually go with royal Caribbean. This time in a few weeks we’ve gone for Concierge class balcony however we are considering an upgrade and possibility to a sky suite (I think it’s essentially the equivalent of a junior suite on Royal???) and would really appreciate a view as to whether the upgrade suite benefits are worth the up sell or not. Basically we are not bothered about the butler aspect (frankly don’t want someone doing my unpacking!) but would love to get perspectives from experienced solstice class passengers as to what they found to be a wow with the suite aspect - any help will be very much appreciated. all perspectives valued! all best, roger
  11. On jewel right now.... had no trouble both ordering an entree and a further gamberetti for the middle to share.... they never blinked.... indeed in chops and giovannis service has been so good that they have offered us more when we ordered if we wanted it... ‘to try’.....
  12. Views from concierge lounge as we hit cocktail hour....
  13. Yep cafe latte-tudes on deck 5 open through from early morning to about 11pm
  14. Ps in case you are interested... beautiful Santorini today as we dropped anchor...
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