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  1. Can’t say for sure but I have a suspicion it’s safer to work on a positive test being treated as a positive test regardless of circumstances…. Fingers crossed for you that it’s negative!
  2. Yep that’s interesting point. Do you know if the price quoted on board for each drink is inclusive of UK VAT or does that get added after like the 18 per cent gratuity? Eg if price for a drink is $14 is that plus 18 per cent or even more!
  3. And the beat goes on….. the song remains the same
  4. Jimbo We get it…. You don’t want to, have no intention of, and want everyone to know you won’t be sailing anytime soon…. Totally respect that choice but maybe not need to tell everyone how bad things are in every post??? Be happy….. and cruise again in the future
  5. The world is back in equilibrium ….. we’ve so missed our ‘sunny disposition’ posts - good old ‘panda moania’ - keep up the fun and enjoy Harmony…..
  6. Thanks for the engagement - will let you know how I get on. I’d submitted the evidence for the 2 best price adjustments RC need to make last week via a travel agent and I sent this policy aspect onto them yesterday. It’s definitely shows that it’s far from ideal working through a travel agent who is not a deep cruise specialist as they are simply either playing catch up on everything or just acting as a post box. All that happens is they slow the process down further and become a further non value add link in the chain.
  7. Hiya not very savvy with this so no warranty this works but I found the page…. It’s actually under UK ‘promotions’ terms and conditions page…. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/terms-and-conditions/promotions
  8. Yep I’m with you… I thought it was 100 per cent of the difference too but DW found the attachment on RC website….. odd on a good way I guess. We’d have happily settled for 100% as they owe us a lot for our August cruises but according to the online doc….
  9. Hi folks after final payment we found this in the online best price guarantee policy - it says about receiving 110 per cent of the value of the difference in price paid to reduced new rate as OBC - is this right?
  10. Yep it’s a good choice to have to make….. been on both…. Both are brilliant so you can’t go wrong…. But frankly (in our view) Oasis class ships are the best in the world…. The space, the air, the evenings in Central Park…. So much to do everywhere for all ages…. (Jeez sound like a travel agent)…. and Symphony is the best Oasis class ship…. It is fantastic…. So for us it’s not a debate…. Always Symphony
  11. We feel your pain…. Same applies to Mr Biden letting us in after TA in November and for Caribbean at end of year! Just hoping these case levels drop and transatlantic holidaying can restart….
  12. Hi can I ask (anyone!) another couple of points of policy detail for these cruises please? 1. Are guests in junior suites still being given access to coastal kitchen for dinner please? 2. Are you still allowed to take on board 2 bottles of wine per stateroom? thanks in advance
  13. Thanks to those updating and sharing from the ship re shows etc - very much appreciated…. Really looking forward to 15th and 23rd cruises… and WWRY (even with curly watts!) - very strange to go back in time…. He was playing the same role on board in the production of WWRY during the Transatlantic in October 2015! Some things change…. Some clearly don’t….
  14. That’s total….. from RC… tell your TA to refer them to their own ‘best price guarantee’ policy under Cruise with confidence (assuming your sailing fits in the criteria of course)….
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