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  1. Yep.... us too... we have a B2B first one going 1st November from San Juan.... pretty much resigned to it not going.... we can always dream though.... We upgraded flights to business class for very cheap price.... only found out when chose seats we are the only people booked!!!!! Think that might just be a message as to likelihood of the flight going and why it was so cheap! I sense a period of time from probably next week where we will be just spending time sorting out refunds.... again....
  2. I always think opinions are great... if we didn’t have differing opinions the world would be a miserable place.... but when opinions are stated as if they are facts.... nah we never landed on the moon.... and the Earth is indeed flat it’s just the way it’s photographed...
  3. For those who will wear masks, take tests and get vaccinated.... can’t wait to share a glass with you on board ASAP.... we will have fun when we get back... those who won’t.... we’ll miss you but (new) life goes on.... enjoy the tv.... Early on you are leaving good cabins for the rest of us so we’ll raise a glass to you for that... enjoy and see how long you hold out!
  4. It’s bound to be necessary to warrant to ports that the ship is virus feee when it sails.... but..... Bigger question here is whether you would be willing to have daily or every couple of days tests on board to be able to get off at ports.....
  5. Not a surprise but frustrating... we have a back to back for 1st November and 8th November which is our 4th attempt to use our FCCs from the Oasis transatlantic Cancellation from April 2019.... they just keep getting cancelled and the time left to use them gets shorter and shorter.... Our chances for 1st November sailing - between bob and None..... and Bob just jumped overboard....
  6. The UK quarantine period will be 'massaged away' quickly as its clear the UK government have no clue how to make it work and the scientists are saying there's no point now anyway. There was a point at which it would have been valuable but its past. Also in UK they can't even make the 'test, track and trace' process work at all.... not only are they not able to trace people who have come into contact with a positive tested individual, they can't even make contact a big proportion of those who have actually tested positive even though they know who they are and where they live! That's before the airlines sue the government, which is starting now....
  7. Thanks to all who ventured perspectives.... I suspect we’ll take the approach of making the final payment with FCCs but suspect there’s as much chance of this sailing going as the Bengals winning the Super Bowl........
  8. NCL Star arrived in Southampton recently... sign of soft preparation for the originally planned summer season sailings or are they using Southampton as a means of collecting/ offloading crew members? Or both! Ps any views from anyone about the likely chances of Epic/ Getaway/ Escape making the journey across to do Europe this summer?
  9. Hi folks, I have seen a few people mentioning this particular cruise in posts who are in the same predicament as us. Final payment is looming soon (not sure exactly when but soon).... So I know that its totally uncertain and cancellation etc. is a personal choice but I'd welcome the collective experience and wisdom of posters as to their view regarding whether this is likely going to sail or not.... the reality is Vision OTS would have to come over to Europe for only a few months, most likely struggle for ports to visit and then is scheduled to go back to US first week in September (to Bayonne which may still be closed by that stage). Whats the collective view of probability of this happening folks? Thanks in advance for your inputs. Roger ps we were really looking forward to this one at that time of year.....
  10. Folks, thanks for the input. Re backwards 'lifting' we asked Royal today and they said 'no way...' - albeit they couldn't explain why and couldn't point to anything in the rules which prevented it! The reality is we can cancel under CWC and get 100% FCC for the 2021 deposit and apply it to a new 2020 booking... only loss really is the pricing of suite which was very competitive..... all best and keep safe
  11. Just to jump into this one with another question which I’ve not seen answered anywhere (I think) - can you lift and shift backwards or only forwards? we've got a cruise in 2021 where we’d love to switch it to the equivalent in 2020!!!!! Can this be done or are there rules preventing this? any help would be appreciated
  12. It’s obviously a personal choice as the key issue is the different restaurants available but Hooked and Playmakers for us gets us to buy on Symphony...
  13. Reality is it will be personal choice based on age, health, risk appetite (and desperation to go on a ship!) as to when people cruise or fly again.... this article (like many of the others written by journalists who have nothing other to write about and earn freelance fees other than click bait re hashes about cruise lines) won’t have any impact on our decision to cruise as soon as things are open and deemed (acceptably) safe
  14. I think it’s pretty reasonable to expect a new deposit to be paid and then to use FCC for remaining balances or part thereof... seems to be a sensible piece of business thinking... they are giving the benefit of 25 per cent uplift where RC have cancelled... seems a fair quid pro quo ‘in my opinion’
  15. Thank you very much for sharing this information... it’s very interesting to see a non political/ governmental perspective
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