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  1. According to the latest Carnival financial report Holland America Line is expected to return 9 ships to service. As they started 2020 with 14 ships and four have left so far one more HAL ship should be no. 19
  2. Tony Ruggero took command on Crown Princess on November 17th 2020 so he at least is still on duty although his former ship was sold.
  3. It is said in that article they „will soon be leaving the fleet“. I cannot imagine them returning to service.
  4. Who is captaining a beaching ship? Is it still a Carnival captain or someone from the scrapyard?
  5. Another link with more videos showing the beaching from the shore and even from the Fantasy bridge https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23322-watch-as-the-carnival-fantasy-is-beached-in-turkey.html Inspiration is anchored near Aliaga.
  6. Compare how Fantasy steams while beaching to Fascination just sailing into Cádiz
  7. http://www.cruisemapper.com also has it but as said many aren‘t accurate right now. Has also included a history of each vessel.
  8. The other two are Norwegian Jewel and Oceania Regatta
  9. Two of the older P&O Australia are already slated for a new operator. Pacific Aria will become „Ida Pfeiffer“ and Pacific Dawn will become „Amy Johnson“ both with CMV Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Both were scheduled to enter service with CMV in 2021. Wonder if these two are included in the 6 ships to leave.
  10. Crown had also docked at the pier at her first arrival into Colombo prior to her anchorage. She is back at the pier as this post is written.
  11. Sky Princess as well as Nieuw Statendam and Zaandam also leaving Great Bahama Bank all bound for Rotterdam.
  12. This is already so since January. It has nothing to do with the current extension of pause of operations.
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