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  1. We always tend to book at least 2 nts prior to our cruise to deal with any weather issues. We just sailed on the Edge on Feb 9th and was scheduled to fly down on Feb 7 to FLL. There was a weather alert of freezing rain so we went to the airport and rebooked for Feb 6th. Thanks goodness we did..no flights were operating on Feb 7 or 8th. Everything was backed up along the east coast. We actually saw some passengers arrive in San Juan so they probably missed their flights.
  2. Just noticed that I got my 5 points as well. Let’s see what the next contest is.
  3. You’ll have to visit one of these days. We love it here.
  4. I can’t see any cruises sailing until mid 2021. I would just cancel and keep your money. RCL and NCL just started this Healthy Sail Panel which I think they should have started a couple of months ago. It’s a wait and see.
  5. We love it here in St Andrews by the Sea and we have a membership to use the pools and fitness centre at the Algonquin Resort. I hope you get to visit us soon. Our house is right on the water so I’m not missing cruising yet.
  6. Great topic... Our go to land vacation is Hawaii as we love the consistent weather and the friendliness of the Hawaiian people. Would love to also stay put in Santorini or Mykonos, Aruba, Bermuda and anywhere in Italy. Would love to take a TP from Hawaii or Sydney to French Polynesia. I visited Bora Bora, Moorea and Papeete on a land based work trip and visited every hotel so I would love to visit that area again on a cruise. Will be staying in our Atlantic Bubble for now.
  7. We usually book 2B categories but have booked 2C on the Solstice in Cabin 6300 and 6298 which does have the blue roof of the specialty restaurant from the balcony but it wasn’t bad. It’s considered partially obstructed. Would book it again. We enjoy the aft as it’s quiet.
  8. Thanks wrk2cruise for the heads up on the Costa FAQ. Lots of good information there. Hopefully Celebrity puts one out as well
  9. I was watching CNBC yesterday and saw the interview with the Carnival CEO. I would have wanted him to be asked what steps are they looking at on-board their ships for social distancing. Will they configure their dining rooms as we all know how tight the space is between dining tables. What other steps are they working on, as they now have time on their hands to do this while everything is in limbo.
  10. A couple of years ago we booked a 5nt Infinity cruise and chose two perks, drinks and tips. Then I changed the tips to OBC. When we got on-board, I realized they gave me the tips too so that was a freebie. Also I got a bag of free laundry on my other cruise before I turned Elite.
  11. My husband and I were on the Millie in Sept 2019 after it had been revolutionized and travelled from Vancouver - Yokohama. We loved the ship. We were in Cat 2A aft by the elevators. Great location. We found it easy to get around and loved all of the renovations. The oceanview Buffett was a great setup. We will definitely sail again on the Millie.
  12. I sailed on the Edge on Feb 9th for a week with my girlfriends. We had two connecting IV cabins. I wasn’t impressed with the IV balcony and wouldn’t book one again. It got very hot in the room with the window open so if you closed the door leading to the so called balcony, it would help. I enjoy the Solstice class and M class ships better.
  13. We sailed on the revolutionized Millie in Sept 2019 from Vancouver - Tokyo. We really enjoyed the size of the ship with the 3 banks of elevators. Also enjoyed the T-pool in the cooler weather but if the weather is hot, then that area is too hot for us to relax in. I enjoy the Solarium pool on the S class ships better. I’ve also recently sailed on the Edge in early Feb and I do prefer the S class and M class ships over the Edge. We also really enjoyed the buffet on the Millie. Beautifully done with lots of seating and long sinks for hand washing. Lots of great areas to sit and relax on the Millie.
  14. Friends of mine were booked for a June 16 cruise and cancelled with their TA in March when virus started coming out. They received the credit at that time for their cruise. Now that the cruise is cancelled, can they change the credit to a refund?
  15. The webcam just did a close up of those so called flashing lights at the pier. I think it is reflections off of the cars and trucks there. Take a look at the next close up.
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