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  1. Yes..we have had balconies opened up for us side by side on the Solstice so I shouldn’t think you would have a problem. You would ask the cabin steward to do this for you.
  2. Do any of the cabins on Deck 2 have those extra large windows like Deck 3?
  3. We did the self-disembarkation in April from the Solstice. Our friend had the 11:30 am flight but it was a domestic departure. We walked to the Skytrain station and we were at the airport by 9am. Plenty of time for domestic and US check in.
  4. They are able to push the glass divider back as we have done this many times on the S class ships. They don’t remove the whole glass though but it certainly opens up the the two balconies side by side.
  5. When you get on-board, check your account. If it shows OBN beside it then it is non refundable...if it shows OBR then it is refundable. We just got off the Solstice and had $300 OBN which we used and $50 OBR from the TA which was refunded back to our credit card.
  6. Just wondering...you must be a TA to access the cruising power site or is there another way to access it. You would never know about a group rate unless you were dealing with a BigBox TA.
  7. We also were on this sailing but I found the shows were quite good. On our two day layover in Hawaii, Celebrity brought in some Polynesian dancers “Drums of Polynesia” that were excellent. We also enjoyed the Rock show, Broadway and the Broken Strings show. Very well done. We’re in our late 50’s, early 60’s. We loved the Silent disco on board as well. We did this cruise two years ago and the weather was better on this one.
  8. Thanks so much for the info Northern Aurora!!!
  9. I’ve never done a B2B but would love to someday soon. Just wondering...I know you would get a small discount if booking both cruises but what if you have a cruise booked and then decided later to add another cruise to it for a B2B, would you get any discount?
  10. I loved Moorea and Bora Bora when I visited there a few years ago. Papeete was busy and we just did a bit of shopping there..black pearls. Bora Bora was stunning...scenery..beaches. Moorea was beautiful as well and it reminded me of Hawaii. I would love to do the Solstice on that itinerary.
  11. I agree with WaterView2 that the outlet is not worth a day’s visit. The Coach store has some great deals usually but other than that not many clothing stores. The only shuttles to the outlet depart from Waikiki and are with Roberts Hawaii. It costs $18 return.
  12. We have been to Waikiki many times and have stayed in various hotels but in April we’ve booked with Waikiki Beach Rentals. They have studio condos at the Ilikai with great ocean views. They are very reasonable compared to a hotel room. The Ilikai is tucked behind the Hilton Hawaiian Village and their beach as well as Fort Derussy’s beach is the widest on Waikiki. Check it out...
  13. Thanks for all of the suggestions....the early April sounds good or we may just have to wait until the fall and see what comes up. It’s so frustrating...
  14. We’re travelling with someone in another cabin beside us and the ship is now sold out so upgrades not an option.
  15. We just need 3 more points to reach Elite after completing our 10 day HNL-YVR in April. We want to do a Trans Pacific so the status would help us with the drinks as no perks are given out. Any suggestions out there??
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