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  1. Haven’t been to San Francisco for quite a few years but love the idea of taking the ferry to Tiburon. What a beautiful little village. Great photos.
  2. This has happened to me as well. I had to log out and log in again. Frustrating…
  3. I wouldn’t schedule a flight till noon so you’re not stressed and can enjoy your last breakfast onboard. The cruise lines have always mentioned what time you should book your return flight home. If you have time at the airport, sit outside and be maskless for awhile.
  4. You definitely should have a Lot # on your vaccination card and it looks like you would have a problem with Carnival. I would contact your health provider and get this cleared up before you think of getting on a cruise ship.
  5. We have never booked our select dining and we have always managed to get in around 6:30 pm - 7pm. We may have to wait for a few minutes. I will say, we should have made our reservations on our Transpacific as there were a lot of sea days and they were busy.
  6. Have a wonderful cruise Jim & Iain!!! Always wanted to do a coastal trip. Will be following along. Enjoy…
  7. Great news about no COVID cases on board. We can only hope this continues. I’ll be waiting awhile before we cruise as there are too many hoops to go through from Canada. I can always read your postings and will be looking forward to your Thanksgiving cruise. We’re celebrating our Thanksgiving in Canada on Monday. See you in November.
  8. Just finished the PUP survey for 1 club point. They’re asking when and where you want to cruise next.
  9. We were on the Millie in Sept 2019 on a Transpacific after it had been refurbished. We loved all the upgrades and color schemes. Definitely enjoyed the size of this ship as it was easy to get around. We did a cabin crawl of the suites and cabins. Very nicely done. Enjoy your cruise Jim & Iain and I’ll be following along as usual.
  10. Love reading your posts and pictures from the suite. Hopefully we get into a suite one of these days with the money we’re saving from not travelling. Would like to experience Luminae and Retreat area. Enjoy your cruise. Are you booked again for next month?
  11. If I was cruising right now and I wish I was, I would definitely do my own thing in the ports of call. No crowded buses for me and yes they are crowded. After watching Jim_Iain blog on the Equinox for the last couple of weeks, he did show pictures of the crowds getting on the excursion bus. He opted for Private Journeys with Celebrity and used his onboard credit. Mind you he had a lot of credit. Something to consider.
  12. I’ve been following along with you and have really enjoyed your posts and pictures. I’m looking forward to reading about your next adventure in April. Stay safe & healthy.
  13. Years ago, I was scheduled to travel and my passport was in my maiden name and I had just got married. Since my passport wasn’t expiring anytime soon, the passport office advised me to attach a copy of my marriage certificate into the passport. You never know this may be a simple fix. Call or visit your passport office and see what they say.
  14. It’s interesting that Holland America will be sailing from Japan to Vancouver end of March and not Celebrity. I have a friend sailing on the Noordam on March 14 around Japan and then heading over to Vancouver. It’s 28 days. Love the Solstice and hopefully it will be sailing soon.
  15. I can’t see it opening anytime soon. I think the snowbirds will be fuming 😡 if they don’t open the border by Dec. They had some very creative ways of getting to the US last year with their cars. Will wait and see.
  16. We feel the same way. Fortunately, we had no cruises booked for 2021 or 2022. Hopefully we’ll be sailing somewhere in 2023. Fingers crossed.
  17. I know as Canadians, we must have a PCR test given to us by the cruise line in order to fly home when we disembark. You have to check each cruise line and see if they offer that.
  18. If Celebrity is pushing to give you your money back, I’d take it and run. You can then leisurely look at your options and see what is out there.
  19. The 2A category is the top tier cabins for the 2 series. It’s the location that is better for that cabin type.
  20. When we stayed at the Riverside, we just took a cab for the 4 of us to the port as it only cost $20 or so. The shuttles the Riverside arrange are more expensive and are crowded.
  21. Loved reading your posts. Looking forward to your next adventure in 3 weeks time. Take care..
  22. You could always spend the OBC on spa treatments. That would eat up that OBC fast. When I was on the Edge last year, I did find the costs high in the shops onboard and we had $350 OBC to spend.
  23. Enjoying your posts. What a beautiful suite! The butler definitely should have helped you with your luggage. Enjoy all the pampering.
  24. I booked a Verandah guarantee on the Millenium for our Transpacific in 2019 and received a 2A aft cabin on Deck 7. I was very pleased with the location and cabin. I wouldn’t do a guarantee again on a Transpacific or Transatlantic as we could easily have been put in a forward cabin and it was rough sailing for a few days.
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