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  1. We’re sailing on her right now. No suggestions of problems. So far, we have hit every port on time.
  2. Well, we went through the locks yesterday. How exciting! I went to deck 10 forward at 5:30AM to make sure there would be room and I was the first one there. Thank you all for your suggestions. However, when we got aboard, I discovered that on our balcony ( we are in a mini suite), there are chairs with footstools. So, I just brought a footstool with me and it worked out great. I thought I had discovered this great solution, but saw several others who had the same idea. I hope this suggestion helps someone else worried about standing for long periods of time.
  3. Thanks for this information. I didn’t know that Kroger had Princess gift cards! Our Kroger has the 4x deal this weekend. We plan to get gift cards on Sunday so they will be gas credits for September. Will save us a bunch of money on gas. Love it!
  4. Ok, at first when I read this I thought you meant all the other ones have seating now I realize that you mean that the Emerald deck is the only deck left and that it has no seating. got it.
  5. Thanks. Is this an area that was taken away from the Island?
  6. Great pictures! This makes me even more excited.
  7. Yes, I was just thinking of somewhere to rest while waiting for the first locks. Otherwise, we plan to move around. I’ll think about the chair cane. We’re flying, so would probably hav to but it once in Fla and the leave it behind. Thanks
  8. I want to thank everyone for all of these great ideas. After seeing the first locks, we plan to move around. We will be in a mini suite with a balcony, so look forward to even seeing the trip through the locks from our balcony.
  9. We live in Georgia and had originally planned on driving to Fort Lauderdale. However, when we saw the great deal we could get through EZ Air, we decided to fly. Therefore, bringing this chair wouldn’t work. Otherwise, this would have been a great idea! Thanks
  10. This sounds like an awesome excellent plan, except for getting a good viewing spot for the first lock- that’s where we have a problem. Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely do the rest.
  11. DH and I are going on a partial transit of the Panama Canal on the Island in October. In researching when and where to go to get the best view of the first lock, I see that going to the 10th or 11th deck forward about 1- 11/2 hours before is suggested. My question is whether or not there is somewhere to sit in that area while waiting. I don’t think DH or I could stand for that long. I know that some people secure seating in the Horizon, but I don’t want to take up a table where someone wants to have breakfast. Thanks
  12. So, are you saying that presently passengers are not being allowed to take their personal water bottles off the ship?
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