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  1. Yes he sure does 🙂 I've bought him a couple of those shrimp rings with the cocktail sauce in the center from the grocery store after this trip so he can get his shrimp fix at home. I'm usually right there with you when it comes to eating bread, but that was a whole lot. The basket seemed fuller that night than when we had the other two people with us for dinner.
  2. Well, I just realized that my previous menus and food pics may be out of sequence by a day. I have used my google photos as a guide to help my memory of what we had each day. When we were on the ship I noticed that my pictures weren't uploading in sequence. I was the only one of the three of us who had the cell phone plan and left my cellular data on and I was the only one who had trouble with the time staying correct on my phone and photos uploading in sequence so I think that's reason they are off. Anyway, since Friday was formal night and there was white tablecloths on the table and the menu looked different, I think these are the correct pictures from that night: I remember our waiter brought us a HUGE basket of bread which I thought was a waste since there was no way we would eat it. Austin said he wanted 5 shrimp cocktail and he got them and ate them. He had those and his filet steak but no sides or dessert. My app was stuffed mushrooms My shrimp dish Austin's filet I didn't get a picture of Alex's food but it was either a hamburger or chicken nuggets. Grand Marnier souffle
  3. I'm sure hoping they have it on the Dream.
  4. For some reason, I can't get that link to work. It says "bad request".
  5. Another question some of you may have an answer to: Do they have the chocolate extravaganza desserts on last day in the buffet on shorter cruises?
  6. Yes, it's unsweetened and I read online before my cruise that it was terrible, but I thought it was good. I always drink unsweetened ice tea so I liked it. I never like the really strong stuff you find in those large tea canisters at fast food places. The tea on Carnival just tasted like regular brewed tea. My son likes sweetened tea so he would use the tea bags and hot water to make it and add sugar because you can't just add sugar to cold tea and get it sweet enough.
  7. We found a large lounger and just sat and enjoyed being outside for a while before going back in. We back in near the Ocean Plaza and walked past Bonsai Sushi which was closed so I took some photos of the restaurant and menu. We walked past the dreamscape which had changed again. Then we went downstairs to the Fun Shops and looked around. I took a few pictures of some carnival items that interested me for some reason at the time. When Austin was younger he was into cruise ships and I had bought him a toy ship similar to this online.
  8. After we left tea time, we walked around deck 5. We spent a lot of time exploring the ship and taking pictures. The dreamscape as we walked by: Back to where we first ate on embarkation day. Guy's barbeque was closed this time of the day as we walked around. Outside Bonsai Sushi Looking down at the lifeboats and water below Outside Cherry On Top Outside seating for the steakhouse Outside the Red Frog Pub Looking down the outside of deck 5.
  9. Here is the page for the afternoon tea on the Hub app. It was held on the 4th or upper floor of the dining room. The tables were set especially for the tea with the napkins folded in a cute way. I took a picture of one of the large unused tables. After we were seated a waiter came by with the specialty (upcharge) tea. We told him we just wanted regular so they brought us some lipton tea bags. There weren't very many different choices of food at the tea. The only things that weren't sweet were cucumber sandwiches and salmon. I took one of each. Also, I took some strawberries and clotted cream and some sort of shortbread cookie with frosting inside. I tasted everything but none of it was that great. We just wanted the experience of going to a tea and I'm glad we went. We all enjoyed it. The dining room below us on the third floor and the tables outside the area where the tea was held was set up for the second elegant night which would be later that evening.
  10. After that we decided to go up and see how long the line was for the skyride. I wanted to ride it again before the trip was over. There was a sign saying it was closed due to the high wind. So we walked up to the gym in the spa area and used the machines a few minutes. Then we went back to our room to get ready for the afternoon tea which started at 3:00 pm. We saw this guy along the way. He was on one of the cabin steward's carts in the hallway.
  11. After lunch we walked around the ship. We decided to go find the "secret deck" we kept hearing about. We wondered how employees get to that hot tub at the front of the ship but it's off limits of course. We went to the very front of the ship on deck 8 I believe. I really can't remember but several of the cabin floors had doors going out to the front of the ship and once outside there were stairs going up or down to the other floors. It was super windy and although there are some chairs out there, I doubt they are used very often. Looking down the side of the ship. There were some large patches of seaweed floating by.
  12. We waited on him to get up, shower and get ready, then we headed to the Lido deck. It was lunch time which was good because Alex doesn't eat breakfast and Austin and I had eaten breakfast then ran around the ship quite a lot so we were ready to eat again. I wanted to try Pasta Bella. We went up to deck 11 and there was already a pretty long line. It took about 10-15 minutes to get to the front and we were seated at the first table as you walked through the door. This was a tall table with bar stools and seated several people. There was already of group at the other end of the table. The server brought us some garlic bread. It would have been good if it had been warm but it was cold. I didn't take any pictures of the boy's meals. Austin won't eat sauce on pasta so he asked for penne plain with just butter on it. The waiter asked if he wanted the butter sauce. We had to make sure that it wasn't an actual sauce but just butter which is what it was once his dish arrived. Alex got spaghetti with meat sauce. I got fettucine alfredo with chicken, peppers and broccoli.
  13. We went to listen to Suess-a-Polooza in the Liquid lounge. This was a q and a session with Joey the cruise director and one of the other entertainment people. I can't remember her name. She was an American girl and seemed really outgoing. We saw her at several activities and she always did a great job. The Suess parade was after this, but we didn't hang out and watch. We went back to the room to see if Alex was ready to get up and do something with us.
  14. We left the Ocean Plaza and went past the dreamscape again which had changed.
  15. The craft session was run by a very tall young woman with a heavy accent. I think she said she was from Croatia. She said on the ship her co-workers called her "Shorty". She was super tall and thin. She passed around instruction sheets to each table. We were going to make a bracelet. She talked about it a little and invited everyone to start coming up a section of the room at a time to get some beads that were on the table next to her. Unfortunately, the table fell as soon as the first group went up to get beads. Everyone who was up there started picking up beads and Austin and I went up to help. When all of them were back in the containers, I grabbed a few of each and went back to my table to work on my bracelet. It looked like something a teen girl would wear by the color of the beads, although I did like the seashell and starfish pieces and figured I could reuse them with some other beads later at home.
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