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  1. As we were driving the 7 hour drive to the port for on March 13 for our cruise that was supposed to leave the next day, I got a text notification from Carnival that said Fog alert and that there may be delays in boarding due to fog. On this site and other social media, I read that Royal and NCL cancelled their cruises. Nothing from Carnival. Later on as we arrived to our hotel, I read on my phone that Trump had announced Carnival and all the other lines agreed to suspend cruising. We knew our cruise was cancelled due to what I was reading online but I never got a notification about it from Car
  2. I feel exactly the same way. We were supposed to be on Freedom on the 14th when it returned from this trip. I was disappointed that we weren't able to go, but knew that it was probably for the best. Seeing this today just confirmed that.
  3. https://www.galvnews.com/news/free/article_8393b4f3-42c2-560e-bfdc-9633f41d17c6.html?block_id=531919
  4. This is so sad reading this. I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother.
  5. Thank you. I looked and saw this was addressed in the email. We left Friday morning to drive to the port to get on Freedom Saturday. Found out cruise was canceled and turned around and drove home Saturday afternoon so I haven't had much of a chance to take all this in. I will try to contact carnival this week to hopefully schedule a future cruise.
  6. I hope so. I also paid for the carnival vacation protection plan but I don't know if they will reimburse me for it or not.
  7. My 8 day Freedom cruise leaving today was canceled. I paid for wifi with a $100 gift card that was a Christmas gift plus $159 on my credit card. I got the value plan for 3 people. Will I be reimbursed for it? The email offer just said 100 percent future cruise credit and 600 onboard credit.
  8. Sitting here in our hotel room. We were supposed to board Freedom today. We've paid for parking for 8 days. The replacement cruise we will book will cost us considerably more than this one due to the limited times we'll be able to go because of our jobs but I will still probably go with that option to get the $600 onboard credit. I had $330 onboard credit with this one that I'll lose. I did take out the Carnival vacation protection. Does anyone know if it will help recover any of my expenses related to getting on the cruise?
  9. Passengers were still at muster and you can barely see them behind the life boats. Last week the ship was empty when they left and the cam op zoomed in and you could see some shadows but that's where everyone was at sail away.
  10. I enjoyed your review and pictures very much. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I've read this tip to get it served in a glass before so I asked about it on Carnival Dream in July. The server told me that if they put the amount in the bowl in a glass, it would only fill it a little way. He said they would have to put several bowls in a glass to make it look like a serving and asked if I wanted that much. I really didn't and since I've never seen the glass they would use to argue the point, I said no.
  12. I paid the cruise in full and it is still a ways from the final payment date and they refunded my money rather than giving OBC.
  13. Thank you. I will be checking there too. We will be doing an 8 day next year. I love his website. I wish he would continue to update it.
  14. I didn't think he was updating his website very frequently nowadays. Where did you read this?
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