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  1. Same here, never got any strawberries. However I don't like strawberries so I didn't care.
  2. When you board your ship go to guest services and have them applied to your casino account. Then you can cash out your casino account at anytime.
  3. Do you mean the one that shows when your cruising next, because mine is still there.
  4. Maybe am wrong but I thought Havana cabins had exclusive use of the pool until 7:00pm not 5:00pm.
  5. Based on your ports I would chose the Breeze also.
  6. Same here, but am sailing on Nov. 5th in cabin 9244. So if we don't get a answer to your question I'll let you know after I get back.
  7. Your not going to see much out of those window. They get dirty fast and are to small to enjoy any type of view.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  9. There no need to apologize. You just witnessed the arrogance of someone who thinks that there's is the only way of doing things and we should all follow their example.
  10. Where do you get off telling anyone that if you don't sail the way that you sail there doing it wrong?
  11. I always thought that FTTF was way better then FTTP.;p:confused:;):D:beer-mug:
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