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  1. My husband was worried about our November trip... Carnival wont let her continue to have engine issues, it’d cost them way too much money between cancelled cruises and having to issue customer satisfaction measures. I’m excited to be on her in november!
  2. Planning our 10 year anniversary and thinking we would like to do an Alaska cruise in 2021, can anyone advise on favorite line/itinerary/month/ship to go? We were thinking June and probably sticking with Carnival since that’s all we have experience with. We dont know anyone who has done Alaska so not sure where to start (other than stalking this forum, which we are).
  3. My husband and I are going to take a scuba cert course this summer in preparation for our November Carnival cruise. We decided we wanted to dive in Cozumel and Grand Cayman.. Has anyone done a two tank dive through Carnival or does anyone have a recommendation for a good company to go with instead? We've dived in Cozumel before and loved it, but went with a private company for that dive, we were very impressed, but I'm not seeing as many private recommendations for GC as I had for Cozumel so I'm hesitant to book through a private company vs through the cruise line. Thanks in advance!
  4. Oh man i hate to hear that. We might just work in cozumel off of my hotspot
  5. We dont use a VPN, I just need to be able to download and use websites to search information.
  6. We have never wanted to buy the internet package before, but I'm going to need to do work while on the Valor next week. I've read the internet is not great, I'm needing to download word/pdf files and emails, would the premium internet be sufficient for this? Thanks!
  7. Thinking of going here in November with some friends... I am really not wanting to give money to a place that unethically keeps animals.. The thread posted from trip advisor makes them sound awful, can anyone who has been there confirm if this place treats their animals properly? I'm not like a die-hard animal rights activist or anything, but would rather spend my money somewhere that is worthy of it. I've read pretty good reviews other than the link posted here on page 1...
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