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  1. As the OP, maybe I was not clear. Sorry. I know what business 101 is, thank you for pointing that out to me BTW. I understand about head counts and making money. What I didn't understand is how an automated computer system would offer you a room that has a max of 4, let you chose it along with the other green spaces that show available in your category! that you pay for, and then they would take you out of it any way weeks from now, according the the operator. Why not just show the rooms that will only hold 3 people to begin with. Surely Carnival has the IT capability to only highlight room numbers that will hold 3 people in your purchase category. Why highlight rooms that hold 4 people and give you the opportunity to choose that room location. They do not highlight balcony rooms if you choose a interior. That is just logical I think, but obviously, I feel they kind of tease you into highlighting the room choices and then say "Sorry, that room can not really be offered to you even though we gave you the opportunity to choose it". It was an interior room they offered in the initial booking for my party of 3, and the room I wanted to change to was an interior room on a different deck I could have chosen both online as well if I did not go through the operator. As a person who works in customer service, I just thought this was way out there. If the computer system made a mistake by letting me book it, they should own it, so to speak, then give it to the IT department to fix so it will not happen to someone else. What I also didn't understand was how I couldn't even keep my original room I booked online, after she explained she could not switch me to the different deck. But now I know. I really thought it was just the operator not knowing what she was doing. Thanks for the replies. Now I know. When choosing an interior room online, even though it is green and says available to pick, I really do not get a choice. Carnival will chose for me.
  2. So I just booked a cruise for Jan 2020 today. I usually like having a back end of ship cabin and as USUAL I picked my room number while booking. While I was messing around on the Carnival website, I found I would not mind having a on deck 10 at the front of the ship. I called the 800 number and asked to switch rooms and she said no problem she would take a look. I already had the site pulled up and knew what rooms were open. She said I could not have that room because it was for 4 people. I told her the room I am in now is for 4 people, even though I only have 3 in my party. NOT ONLY did she not let me have the room for 4 ( that I could have booked online) but cancelled my original room and made me switch to a room for a max of 3 people. I told I didn't understand, that I was already booked why do I have to change if the site let me have that room? She said occupancy restrictions. My name would have come up on a "report" and Carnival would make me change rooms eventually and since I called as a customer service rep, she has to do it. I could either take a room for a max of 3 or cancel my reservation. I am just beside myself. I just don't understand. Is this correct?
  3. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. Storm1507 has the link I saw a few weeks ago. Thanks everyone.
  4. I was reading the forums a few weeks ago and came across a post about info on Princess Cay. Some one posted a link and said "here is everything you need to know" I wished I would have saved it, but thought I could find it. It was a shot in the dark, I know. The post really detailed things like going left or right for particular beaches. Some more secluded than others etc...
  5. Hello everyone. Leaving tomorrow on the Liberty. Just now getting to research on Princess Cay. I remember reading a post by someone who linked a post where the author gave very detailed information about Princess Cay. I tried to find it doing a search and could not find it. If anyone knows where the link is for the very detailed post about Princess Cay, can you send it to me please! Thank you,
  6. Bumping up, I am also looking for pictures and menu too. I just received confirmation for our cruise coming up in October. I hope they have a different menu by them.
  7. Ah. I see. I will have to check that out. I was going to get my daughter to drop us off, but she has school.
  8. I'm local too! We are down in Indian Harbour Beach. I didn't think we could just park at the Radisson with out staying there? How does this work? and how much?
  9. Loved the parking in Tampa. We bought our parking online, and the vallet parking was awesome. Fast and hassle free. I do not see pre paid parking or vallet service for Port Canaveral . What is the parking like there. Being that the Liberty is a much bigger ship, seems like they would offer this type of service to get people in and out.
  10. Wow! I just put that in my modified guest section. That would be awesome . Thanks for the reply.
  11. The picture voucher would be awesome! the announcement at dinner not so much:( Just a free drink would be awesome. :D
  12. When I made the reservation for our cruise, I skipped the question if we were celebrating anything, which is our 25th anniversary. Does the cruise do anything when you do note it on the reservation? and if so how can I put it on our reservation?
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