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  1. Our last couple of trips we have stayed at the Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster Borough a 2 minute walk from the Victoria Coach Station which is very handy for National Express Bus Co transfers from the airport and to Southampton if you are cruising, pre-purchase online they have some great specials... Plenty of shops and restaurants 2 mins from hotel... The rooms are small, but that's pretty standard in London unless you want to pay the big bucks.....hotel was very clean.... lovely staff and continental breakfast was great..... Buckingham Palace is a leisurely 10-12 minute walk, there's a great little pub behind the Palace, handy for the Royals to pop out the back gate and have a pint or 2😉 , ambiance and meals are great.... All the big attractions are handy, we walked everywhere. If you don't want to walk the Hop On Hop Off bus picks across from the Coach station.
  2. I am more than happy to wait until 2021 for an Oasis class ship out of Brisbane.....fingers crossed they go ahead... thanks for the info
  3. The profile pages look great, sure I pressed the "not telling" but it doesn't matter if my date shows because just like FB it's not mine..........shhhhhhhhhhhhh........I don't give that to anyone in case it's nicked 🤣🤣
  4. Well you learn something new everyday ....didn’t know if you clicked on a profile photo you go to their profile page.....do now 🤩🤩🤣🤪
  5. Have no idea Les, we let them know even if we are only going for a week. Last big trip we were gone 8 weeks with no issues, we flew in and out though....When you advise online they do ask if you are cruising, guess they are either fully aware of paperwork delays or being nosey 😉😆😆
  6. Not new to us, 3 years ago we sat in front of a Centrelink staff member who confirmed we weren't back yet .... we had been home for 3 weeks...... knew something was wrong when heart meds were charged at full price by the chemist.....now that was scary........
  7. Too pricey for me.... early 2017 we cruised 35 nights onboard Oceana, one of the sun sisters, and I must say I was a tad bored with the ship around the 3 week mark and it wasn't just because it was full of UK peeps 👀 can't believe how may of them dislike Australian accents, an expat Scot I kept telling them mine was not in fact Australian it was the sought after very unique "modern Scottish accent" 😇..... back to the ship.......it was just not big enough or have enough decent venues to offer a good choice of things to do on the long sea day stretches.. I don't mind paying a reasonable price for a long cruise but not on the old girls....my choice for a longer cruise is something more the size of say Diamond Princess or the RCL Voyager class.
  8. Love it.... what a great improvement I am sure the whiners and whingers will be out in full force , i say suck it up and move on or move out.. also loved the fantastic banter and friendliness in the Floataway Lounge whilst we were in limbo....... well done CC
  9. You don't have to have too much business nous to know that when you want to impress and steal business away in a new area you don't deliver dregs to the punters... she was in a sad state.....full stop:mad: They didn't deliver Rhapsody of the Seas in 2007 like that but then again they were trying to impress as they were the new kids on the block and that they did... the inaugural cruise from Honolulu to Sydney was fabulous....we also did Voyager and Explorers first cruises into Australia neither of these were presented in such a way.......as I said it was clear from her condition that Legend was not staying in the fleet they were playing for time... As for the now renamed lovely little Marella Discovery 2 it's great to see some love has been given back to her......... Btw I sent my thoughts backed up with photos of the Legend to the big head office, not of course expecting anything back, and low and behold got a lovely reply, apology and some OBC for my next cruise....:'):'):')
  10. If Royal don't bring one of their big guns it's a missed opportunity to steal a good chunk of the market especially as you say given Carnivals dismal offering:mad:.....and they need to make amends to the market here for the abysmal Legend of the Seas that they dumped on us for a season.......it was very obvious from her shabby condition, I cruised the inaugural Hong Kong to Brisbane cruise, that she was destined to leave the fleet... Still got my fingers crossed for an Oasis class....... :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  11. The ACCC, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, weren't happy with Carnivals initial plans to hog the dock and push out competition. Conditional approval was finally granted with Carnival having preferential berthing rights, gets it's choice of 4 days per week however they can't book more than 2 of the 3 weekend days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in any given week. Guess that's fair...still plenty of space for Royal :D Noumea has two area's for docking, small ships tie up at the port in the main street, larger ships in the ports working area - bus to town or bus to port gate then walk to town for pax .... pretty sure Ovation of the Seas docks:D The smaller islands off Noumea eg: Iles des Pins - stunning place, as well as most others in the South Pacific are tender. A " Perfect Day" purpose built island venue will be a winner i'm sure..... last year we went to Carnivals Mahogany Bay- Roatan had a great day.. ;)
  12. They have a market here ready and waiting ..... Oasis or a Quantum class are the ideal product.....:D Carnival announced last week they are home porting the drab depressing Carnival Spirit here ......blah.... RCL will blitz them if they bring us a ship with all the bells and buzzers...;) Have everything crossed that they just might do so....... if so ....sign me up for the repo :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  13. Fingers crossed have always wanted to try the Oasis class just haven't had the chance. Do you think Brisbane's new cruise port will be able to handle her, we won't say no to her home porting here for a while ;p:D
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