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    sorry if this is a question that is asked a million times but, are there enough hangers on the elation or should I bring some?
  2. stephieann

    Is a verandah worth it on a 4 day Wonder?

    I loved the vernadah on our 4 night. I sat out there on a few nights that i could not sleep and found myself falling asleep minutes after i got comfy. Matter of fact i brought my blanket out there one night and did fall asleep for about 30 minutes. OH it was sooooo relaxing sitting out there listening to the ocean at night... ahhhhh....cant wait till my next cruise in October... and Yes we book another verandah
  3. is there a book that could help me out on RCCL?
  4. stephieann

    New to RCCL!

    Ok, i am new to RCCL! I just cruised on DCL and i would like to take another cruise soon. But after studying and researching i found that RCCL to be a lot less expensive than DCL. When will RCCL put out the rest of their 2008 dates? I need tips and any help that i can get about RCCL. I would like to do a 7 night either western or eastern.
  5. :o Ok now that i posted the wrong cabin number let me try this again.. do you know much about these cabins
  6. stephieann

    Wonder 6040?

    anyone know anything about this cabin?