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  1. Oh, and I should add that the price of in cabin alcohol bottles went up. I remember paying $40 for a litre on my last cruise in 2019. They are listed at $69 a litre now.
  2. I have a cruise booked for this Dec and did not receive the drink pkg with my booking. I keep logging in to see what the cost will be and it is not there. I called HAL and was told the new prices will be posted in July so we will have to wait and see what they will be.
  3. I just looked at the website. It doesn't look like they will be requiring the vaccine to board. It is just suggested you be vaccinated. In that case, I will not be going until the vaccine is a requirement.
  4. I hope they honor the $100 future cruise credit that ran out last December. I want to book too!
  5. Is it $15 a day for a longer cruise? I just called for my 7 day cruise and was quoted $25 per day.
  6. Yes, I just booked with it. It is a casino offer come to find out. I had a cabin on hold and just completed the transaction today.
  7. So sad to see the ship go. I hope Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line survives.
  8. Passenger in Princess board posted a video pleading for help. He is diabetic and hasn't been fed in 15 hours. He said all services suspended because they are afraid the food could be a source of transmission.
  9. What a nightmare. Are there any snacks left in the fridge?
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