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  1. By no means was I trying to be more correct than others. I thought I was just giving some friendly info that you might not know about. Sorry I aggravated you so much with one little comment. Geez
  2. Cruise cash is refundable if you do the casino trick.
  3. I feel the same way as you do. I have only cruised twice, both times on the Dream. I had FTTF first cruise and it was sold out for my second cruise so I was a little disappointed until I boarded and realized that I never needed FTTF and that was before it went up to $90. I will not purchase again.
  4. If you have cruise cash left over, just go to casino on the last night and cash out which makes it refundable..
  5. I have only been on 2 cruises so I am only a red card but I have #3 and #4 booked. My first cruise we took one of my daughters friends with us and I used my email for her and like you I very rarely get emails and she gets one almost every other day with deals.
  6. Why not? I like having everything that can be paid ahead of time paid before I go.
  7. My family did it with Butts Up and they are wonderful people and I would suggest them instead of cruise line because they carry your tubes for you. With that being said, the actual cave tubing was just meh for me too. I'm glad I did it and but I probably would not do it again. I actually enjoyed the long ride and getting to see Belize. The guides gave a lot of history and info. I also enjoyed the lunch.
  8. My family rushes because the nearest port for us is New Orleans and it's a 6 hour drive and we usually have to be back at work the next day. I like to get completely unpacked when I get home and get the laundry done so the earlier I can get off the better for me.
  9. The shuttle will take you and the luggage to the port and same thing coming back. The only difference is when you get back they let everybody out and one person from your party will go get the car while they are unloading all the luggage and when your car gets there they will help you load your car and you are on your way. It is very organized and fast. Both times we have used them they have been right there waiting when we got off the ship.
  10. Faster To The Fun. It's something you can buy online under excursions from the home port. Your room will be ready when you arrive, your luggage should get there faster, you have a separate line at guest services, get on tender ahead of people without FTTF and people who have not booked a ship excursion, and get to disembark faster. A lot of people think it's worth the money but for me personally it's not. Just board a little later and room will be ready anyway or board early and just explore ship and eat until it is, go to guest services when there is no line or at least a short one, get in line early for tenders and if you want to disembark early just carry off your luggage and you will be with the first groups to get off.
  11. If you don't have FTTF just get in line early. I didn't have it the last time and I was on the first tender boat out with people who had FTTF. It's only about a 5- 10 minute ride on the tender to GC. I think you will be fine.
  12. Back in March we booked an extra day before cruise and stayed at Hilton Riverside. I just logged back in and edited my booking when we decided to park there while we stayed at hotel because it's $40 to park at hotel. It still gave me the cruise rate. My husband let us and luggage out in front of hotel. While I ran in and checked us in he was going to pull to side to wait on me but they made him move so he just made a block and picked me up and we took the car to Fulton and walked back to hotel. The following morning we just walked straight through the mall to the terminal.
  13. I'm sure when people say minutes from the port they are meaning by shuttle because I haven't seen anybody park there and walk.
  14. I also agree about Fulton and if you don't mind parking rooftop it's even cheaper than the covered.
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