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  1. If my mother in law had a kickstand, she'd be a bike.

    If a frogs butt was glass, he'd only hop once

    If a tree falls in the woods, is it still my fault


    How far you want to go with "What if's"?


    However, if your intention was to be more correct than others,,,, then we'll let you win okay?



    Either way

    Using the "casino trick" does not mean that Cruise Cash is refundable. It means you scammed the system and found a work around. Until Carnival figures out a way to close it down anyway.

    Officially, per Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise Cash is non refundable.


    By no means was I trying to be more correct than others. I thought I was just giving some friendly info that you might not know about. Sorry I aggravated you so much with one little comment. Geez

  2. No, You don't want to buy Cruise Cash from Carnivals Fun Shop.

    Cruise Cash is nonrefundable.


    You have Gift Cards already.

    Sometime during your cruise load your Gift Cards onto your account either via Guest Services or via the Kiosk.


    Don't let how money comes out of your account confuse you. You have no choice as to how money (credit card, Cruise Cash, or Gift Card) is debited from your account. You can't go up to a bar, order a drink and say 'I want this drink charged to my on board credit." They just charge to your account.


    You could even wait until the day before your last day, go to Guest Services, see how much you owe, hand over the gift cards that you need, get a receipt and walk away. Then you worry about nothing because the only things to hit the credit card are whatever charges you have on the last night on board.


    Cruise cash is refundable if you do the casino trick.

  3. On our last trip on the Dream I was also eating a Guy's burger on Lido at 11:50. Yes, I had my small rolling carryon still with me, but I also had my $90 still available to spend on useful things. We had access to our stateroom within a half hour of finishing our lunch.


    We were .also able to unpack before muster, but the five minutes we spend doing that is no big deal either way. Trips to GS are rare and easily accomplished early in the day. We've never had a problem with tenders and don't need a personal escort.







    I feel the same way as you do. I have only cruised twice, both times on the Dream. I had FTTF first cruise and it was sold out for my second cruise so I was a little disappointed until I boarded and realized that I never needed FTTF and that was before it went up to $90. I will not purchase again.

  4. You can apply the gift cards to your sail and assign account at or after embarkation.


    You can also purchase cruise cash to apply to your on-board account prior to sailing, but it is non-refundable so it's important to buy no more than you are sure you will use.



    If you have cruise cash left over, just go to casino on the last night and cash out which makes it refundable..

  5. SOOOO frustrated with Carnival right now. I am ready to book a cruise. Credit card in hand. I have been platinum for several years. Surprisingly, I get very few email offers for deals, but a friend of mine, who cruised with me a few years back and had my email address on her booking, is getting them DAILY! Reduced prices, reduced deposits, upgrades, but NOTHING for my platinum status. I've watched CCL go cheap on a lot of things over the years, but you would think that they would want to keep their customers who have been loyal to them coming back. I even called to see if they had anything they can offer; I just got an apology...but no deals. Guess I will be booking an all-inclusive at a resort, instead of taking a cruise. :mad::mad:Anyone else encounter this issue?



    I have only been on 2 cruises so I am only a red card but I have #3 and #4 booked. My first cruise we took one of my daughters friends with us and I used my email for her and like you I very rarely get emails and she gets one almost every other day with deals.

  6. My family did it with Butts Up and they are wonderful people and I would suggest them instead of cruise line because they carry your tubes for you. With that being said, the actual cave tubing was just meh for me too. I'm glad I did it and but I probably would not do it again. I actually enjoyed the long ride and getting to see Belize. The guides gave a lot of history and info. I also enjoyed the lunch.

  7. Hey all,


    While we're seasoned cruisers, we'll be cruising for the first time out of New Orleans in just two weeks. We booked Fulton, but I don't understand how the shuttle works. Can we arrive at the garage with all our luggage and they shuttle us and the luggage to the port? How about coming back? I heard some stuff about luggage and an elevator that completely evaded me. But can I assume they'll shuttle us and our luggage back to the car when the Dream (Carnival Dream-Pun Intended) is over? Thanks!


    The shuttle will take you and the luggage to the port and same thing coming back. The only difference is when you get back they let everybody out and one person from your party will go get the car while they are unloading all the luggage and when your car gets there they will help you load your car and you are on your way. It is very organized and fast. Both times we have used them they have been right there waiting when we got off the ship.

  8. I don't do cruise ship excursions....so that wouldn't apply. I do local/private.


    What is FTTF????


    Faster To The Fun. It's something you can buy online under excursions from the home port. Your room will be ready when you arrive, your luggage should get there faster, you have a separate line at guest services, get on tender ahead of people without FTTF and people who have not booked a ship excursion, and get to disembark faster. A lot of people think it's worth the money but for me personally it's not. Just board a little later and room will be ready anyway or board early and just explore ship and eat until it is, go to guest services when there is no line or at least a short one, get in line early for tenders and if you want to disembark early just carry off your luggage and you will be with the first groups to get off.

  9. Never been to Grand Cayman and have never sailed Carnival so not sure how tendering differs then RCCL.


    Is it a "free for all" when getting off the boat? Or is it organized?


    We arrive in GC at 8am (supposedly as per the schedule), however, all the private excursions I am interested in begin at 9am (ship time will be the same time on GC at time of sailing, so no time difference to deal with).

    Will we even make excursion departure time @ 9am if I book something?




    If you don't have FTTF just get in line early. I didn't have it the last time and I was on the first tender boat out with people who had FTTF. It's only about a 5- 10 minute ride on the tender to GC. I think you will be fine.

  10. Sorry I wasn't clearer but I wanted to park at Fulton Street, not at the Hilton for the two days before the cruise leaves. I sent two emails to Fulton Street asking this question and have not received a response.


    Back in March we booked an extra day before cruise and stayed at Hilton Riverside. I just logged back in and edited my booking when we decided to park there while we stayed at hotel because it's $40 to park at hotel. It still gave me the cruise rate. My husband let us and luggage out in front of hotel. While I ran in and checked us in he was going to pull to side to wait on me but they made him move so he just made a block and picked me up and we took the car to Fulton and walked back to hotel. The following morning we just walked straight through the mall to the terminal.

  11. Like others have said, Fulton Street Garage is a good option that is cheaper than the port garage. The port garage is super convenient though, because it it literally right outside the cruise terminal.


    One thing about Fulton though... it's not "minutes" from the port. It's like, two blocks. It would be about a 5-10 minute walk without luggage. But since you'll have luggage, you'll probably want to use their shuttle service, which is free and takes practically no time at all.


    I'm sure when people say minutes from the port they are meaning by shuttle because I haven't seen anybody park there and walk.

  12. As of right now, it is still available but I don't know that it's worth it. Do you really need access to your room and luggage early? Priority boarding or tender? If not, don't pay for it.



    If you don't land until noon your room will be ready by the time you get there and get on board. You may have to wait a little while on your luggage or just carry it on with you since you will be boarding that late and take it straight to your room.

  13. When did Carnival start extending the 15% fee to 12-packs of bottled water? 12-packs of bottled water and the drink packages were supposed to be exempt.


    I just ordered water 5 mins ago and it only charges .68 cents for delivery. There was no 15% gratuity added to it.

  14. I never understood the desire to be in the middle of the loud over crowded area when there's so many other places to sit and enjoy oneself and even talk without having to yell ! Give me a chair on a high deck in the shade any day !


    I'm with you on this. I have only been on 2 cruises but have not had the desire to sit in that noisy area or step foot in that overcrowded pool.

  15. Where do you keep your wallet, keys, etc. when you are home?


    In my purse that I don't carry when I am on the boat. I usually have on a sun dress, flip flops, and a lanyard around my neck. My husband also wears a lanyard. All we carry is a passport holder with us that both of our passports fit in and is also big enough for ID's and money and credit card and it stays in the safe. When we are in port we put it in a backpack with whatever else we need for the day.

  16. This is what I was going to say as well. You can tell the new cruisers. They always have lanyards and blue cards. You get a red card on your second cruise.


    I am getting ready for my 3rd and 4th cruise and was just curious if you don't wear a lanyard where you keep your S&S card? It is so convenient. I think no matter what color my card is, it will be on a lanyard. lol

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