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  3. Yes, you do get OBC on Celebrity. The amount varies by the length of the cruise.
  4. I'd choose Ravenna, as Venice will be more expensive and a schlep to Ravenna if indeed you do depart from there. If you choose Ravenna, I'd strongly suggest you build in an extra day to enjoy seeing the spectacular Byzantine mosaics in town. They really are wonderful, and a destination in and of their own right. The Basilica de San Vitale is the highlight, IMO, but there are other sites and a small museum as well. Go for the combined ticket. We stayed in a lovely little inn we found on booking.com. There are plenty of choices.
  5. I’d hold out for a shore excursion. I was on a Celebrity cruise last spring and tried to organize something myself prior to departure but the hassle involved in getting entry tickets, finding a reputable provider, and pulling together a group just wasn’t worth it. The shorex was added later than other choices. I actually signed up on board. The trip wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be — expensive but worth it. The Alhambra is such a circus that it doesn’t matter if you are there with 5 or 50 people — it’s every man for himself at every turn. Save yourself the anxiety and stress associated with COVID and go with the shorex. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. OK, so if we do decide to go and if we do decide to take a ship excursion (we've been on two in 15 years), are they planning to reduce the ridiculously high costs? More importantly, for us at least, is will we be required to move around in herds of 50? Would they run more, smaller groups? I get it that there are more important things for them to be worried about, but with a southern Caribbean booked for next February, I'd like to know.
  7. Is this a real question? Please tell me it’s not.
  8. It's now called Evening Chic. I was surprised how the term was interpreted on our last cruise...quite a lot of leeway, and on more than one occasion, one diner was not turned away from Blu for wearing a hoodie, shorts, and a backpack. I felt comfortable with dressy black pants and a nice blouse. Very few coats and ties and no long dresses were seen. As for how many nights on a 14 day cruise, it used to be 4, but there were 2 on the 12 night we just took. I searched "evening chic" on the Celebrity website and didn't get a clear answer, so you might want to call them.
  9. As of 2 weeks ago on the Silhouette, it was a selection of coffees, sweet rolls and juices. Didn't see any smoothies, though. The sweets looked a lot like those at the breakfast at Blu. No free CC drinks in the dining rooms, but they don't seem to have a problem with carrying in your cocktail from HH, again at Blu. Didn't try it in the MDR. Not relevant to your questions, but I was pleasantly surprised when I married my husband and Celebrity bestowed upon him my Elite status!
  10. Check www.toursbylocals.com. There are a couple of excellent guides in Tenerife.
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