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  1. Im taking the Encore Inaugural sailing from london to NYC. What is the best floor to get the solo studio? Also, is solo cruising worth it over me just getting an interior or oceanview by myself?
  2. Carnival permits them. So does Royal. As of right now, the only cruise line that I've had an issue with my drone was Norwegian.
  3. Well, this was 2017 so I'm not sure if it was the same back then. However, many cruise ports have signs that say no drones, but most of them are talking about the actual port/pier. For instance, I was in Freeport and actually had the police rush to me with loud speakers on saying land the drone immediately. I had written permission to fly anywhere in the Bahamas and expressed that to them. They explained to me that is fine, but the pier's are usually (and certainly in Freeport) a no fly zone due to security. So, I've been to many other ports with signs and if you go into town, or more inland, etc, most country's will permit you to fly.
  4. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to subscribe. i have 3 more cruises and ships to edit and upload hopefully this month.
  5. by the way, to correct the ones that said it is a snorkeling thread, that is incorrect. OP (me) posted this about the cost vs free on CoCoCay. either way, i love to see people's experiences.
  6. thank you so much for the compliment. and thats exactly right! when i was trying to get the info when they added the cruise to our schedule at the last minute, i didn't see anything crystal clear
  7. interesting! even their map said 3 venues, but maybe the pay just wasn't updated. thats cool if there are 5 now! either way, i was impressed.
  8. hahaha right!?!? but thanks for the compliment. i'll be doing a recap video of the symphony hopefully this month. Drone footage and everything! Here is a recap video of the Carnival Sunshine (so obviously the one of the Symphony will blow this one out of the water).
  9. For those of you that have never been on the Sunshine, we enjoyed it. Here's proof!
  10. Loungers ARE free. And no need to be a smart alec. I DID do my research and the rci site has wording where one could interpret as admission just to get on the island. And as i said in my op, the excursions and water park does cost And i never thought or stated otherwise. This post was to inform those that had the question i had to begin with. If you are not on the boards to give or research information, then what truly is your purpose
  11. Not an up charge Per se, but restaurants that charge as normal. But 3 are free.
  12. I recently sailed on the Symphony and about a week before our sail date, they added CoCoCay to our itinerary. I immediately began researching on here and elsewhere. I came across a lot of mixed information, but it appeared that the island charged for nearly everything. In fact, in some of the RCI literature, the wording almost sounded like they charged just to get on the island! What did we do? My information here that I will provide you is based on no excursions and just walking around the island. With that being said, I may be limited on any answers I can give to your questions. Beaches The beaches are free! Well, most of them. There appeared to be a private beach or two, but the rest of them are free. In fact, the loungers are free, too! That surprised me. I thought for sure that they would charge for lounge chairs. There is a beach in the middle of the island that seems super neat because the ocean water flows under a bridge to there. So cool! Some of the beaches have restrictions on how far out you can swim, but the beach that runs the length of the island on the opposite side of the dock has no such restrictions. The beaches were clean, not crowded and the water was crystal clear. In fact, we captured under water footage up close to a sting ray! I should have a recap video put together later this month. Food There are some places that charge for food, but RCI has 3 different places for free food, and I don't mean crackers and water. A full lunch spread! Steak burgers, taco bar, salad, etc. As we kept walking there were nice hammocks hanging from palm trees that were free. The pool is huge, warm, clean and free. There is plenty of shopping from the locals that rent tiny huts to set up their booth. The water park obviously has a cost. If I remember anything else I will post later and I'll also post these videos and I create them. But those of you on a strict budget, you can really, REALLY enjoy this island without spending a dime.
  13. All the ship tracking websites and apps show her in port tonight. Is this accurate? If so, why?
  14. The wife and I are sailing into Nassau on the Symphony next Monday and want to find free or cheap stuff to do. We just got married and really don't have much of a budget. We arrive at 7am on Monday and out by 4pm. She loves hiking or anything not "touristy". I'd love to jet ski but doubt its affordable. I think we will do queens staircase for sure. Any other advice???
  15. The wife and I are sailing into Nassau and want to find free or cheap stuff to do. We just got married and really don't have much of a budget. We arrive at 7am on Monday and out by 4pm. She loves hiking or anything not "touristy". I'd love to jet ski but doubt its affordable. I think we will do queens staircase for sure. Any other advice???
  16. what is the best rate hotel that shuttles you to the terminal for symphony?
  17. Is there a charge just to get off the ship and onto the island? My aunt thinks there is a charge for that. She just wants to walk around and explore.
  18. Is there a weight restriction? On a recent NCL cruise, they had a 300lb weight limit. Do they allow GoPro's? Usually I've never had problems using the actin camera's, but on the Breeze back in December they stopped us for some reason and said no. Oh, and what about on the zip lines? Does anyone know if they allow gopro's on the zipline?
  19. Is there a way to know all of the shows that will be on the Symphony for a 3 night May 25 - 28? Our widowed mothers are going with us so I'm trying to do all of the research for stuff they may enjoy before hand so they don't feel overwhelmed. Thanks!!!
  20. Hey everyone. I have sailed Carnival and NCL, but never RCI. This is my first cruise with them and I have been following the Symphony since they announced her plans to be built, so imagine my excitement! We are sailing (for our honeymoon) May 25 - 28 of this year, so a very short sailing. That being said, I'm trying to experience everything there is to experience on her. We have one stop (Nassau) and unless my wife decides she wants to spend all day on land (I've been there many, many times), I'm hoping to just explore the ship. So, I'm looking for every little trick, tip, secret and advice. What all is there to do on there? I read something (rumor maybe?) that they have interactive art and they even have some art that you use your RCI app and hit an x-ray mode or something and it shows you what's on the other side of the wall. Is this stuff true? Little hidden things like that is what I really want to find out about, but even other things like the shows, activities (for instance, is ice skating free, how is the laser tag, etc) and free food venues? On Carnival, the day you sail away from port, many of the specialty dining options are actually free for lunch on that day. Anything like that with the Symphony? Ok, I'm sure I'll have other questions, but PLEASE fill me in!!!!! My buddy has told me since my very first cruise that RCI is the ONLY way to go.... even though he is really starting to like Carnival. I really look forward to the dialogue with all of you in this post. One last thing.... does anyone know where the "coin" is on the ship? For those of you that don't know, all ships have a special coin embedded somewhere on the ship. On cruise ships, it's usually some place the passengers can see it, but usually not obvious. It's fun to go find it.
  21. i was on the NCL Getaway and the Internet on there was 80% of the time crazy fast speeds and the other 20% of the time, not nearly as much. People say the Symphony is much much faster than that. I don't know how accurate any of this info is. just curious. and to the user that said put up the devices..... i understand what you are saying, but we require Internet access for one day due to a project we are working on. It is what it is.
  22. thanks man! is it truly as fast as everyone makes it seem? people say its as fast as good land internet. just doesnt make sense to me
  23. sweet and congrats!!!! find me on instagram or facebook and lets connect! all of my social media is iAmChrisStone
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