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  1. As promised, here's what happened upon arriving at check in: Clerk asked for passports and pre-printed boarding passes, we handed her our boarding tickets and passport cards. She quickly provided our room keys and returned our ID to us. No questions, no issues, and no problems. In the end Celebrity must have figured out what the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is and how to properly apply that to our cruise. Lastly, while I'd advise everyone to get the passport books, a passport card is absolutely a legal and acceptable form of id for an open loop crui
  2. There are few intrusions as objectionable than a upsell pitch while you're eating. I wonder if we'll see a lot behavior of that on the Silhouette Nov 22nd? Is this a "Celebrity thing"?
  3. Oh my - threads that people never have the simple courtesy to tell you how it all came out. Yes. We PROMISE to respond after the dust has settled and let the helpful folks here know how it all turned out. Bob+Sue
  4. No, not yet, we're on a "mini-vacation" and not at home, lol.
  5. Firstly, THANK YOU to all of you who provided us with your vast experience - you are a tremendous wealth. Now with paper in hand, boarding should be very simple. We WILL report back here about our experience. An emergency abroad necessitating a flight stateside would still REQUIRE a Passport BOOK. It was a very poor decision on my part (Bob here) not to get both. Part of the attraction for me of the CARD was that I have crossed the Mexican / US Border at about a dozen, and it has the RFID Chip that expedites the crossing into the ready/fast lane. We consider the card su
  6. BIG News! Celebrity Customer Service provided us a written confirmation that a Passport Card IS acceptable this morning. ------------------------------- Good Morning - Our information does tell us that a passport card is sufficient for this sailing. Please see below and we hope this helps clarify for you. Thank You!! Karen Celebrity Pre-Resolutions Trade Support and Service - ICT Campus CelebrityRRS@celebrity.com Fax (305)603-0045 ----- Forwarded by Karen Scaia/RR/WCH/RCL on 09/20/2019 06:57 AM ----- ------------------------------------------------
  7. Not true - you can purchase both. Link Quote: The passport book and passport card are both U.S. passports. If issued for the full validity, they are both proof of your U.S. citizenship and identity. See the chart below to decide which is best for you. (Can't decide? Get both!)
  8. Well, it sounds like Celebrity DID decide - they have it in writing on a FAQ page: Link to page Q. What documents do I need when boarding a ship in the U.S. that travels out of the U.S? A. U.S. Cruises, Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) - Open Loop - OR U.S. Cruises that Begin and/or End in Canadian Ports U.S. Citizens U.S. citizens that board a cruise ship at a port within the U.S., travel only within the Western Hemisphere and return to a different U.S. port on the same ship will require a valid Passport, U.S. Passport
  9. Hey Bo1953, I noticed we've both been here on CruiseCritic about 15 years. I want to thank you and all the others who help us work through our little issues. It's nice of you. Nice of all of you, and it's appreciated. Thanks, Bob+Sue
  10. Well, their own web site says 6-8 weeks. And I've had a passport application rejected (delayed) for the most minor of reasons. (A photo 1/8th of an inch off.) We'll spend the extra to expedite them since we have to turn over our passport Cards to get them.
  11. Thanks to everyone who saw the forest for the trees and suggested winning the war not just the battle. We'll apply for new passport books and turn over our passport cards in hopes they arrive. Tis a shame though, for the rules at Celebrity's own Pre-cruise FAQ site, at the US Bureau of State - Consular Affairs, and at the US Customs and Border Patrol Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative website are all crystal clear - all we truly need is a Passport CARD, open loop or otherwise. We should not have to do this for fear of Celebrity's own incompetence or ignora
  12. Wait a sec Don, You've quoted the Celebrity web site reference to a CLOSED-LOOP cruise. That does not equate to anything about an open-loop Caribbean cruise, in fact, I've above quoted their own web site stating the acceptability of a Passport Card. Here's that link again. So please don't say "This is quite simple..." unless you have specific facts to share for this specific case. Bob+Sue
  13. No, and no. We have expired passport books. You MUST submit your most current passport (either book or card) with the application. We'll be sending in our current cards to get expedited books - IF Celebrity can't figure out what their own FAQ's and the Law says about the validity of Passport cards pretty soon. Bob+Sue
  14. That's "new news". You get off the ship, in a foreign country without your passport? Do you take any ID at all (besides your ship card) with you? Thanks - there's a lot we still need to learn. B+S
  15. Yes. We're leaning toward getting Passport BOOKS, two months out now, and we agree with all the advice given up-thread as stated, but we're also hesitant to give up our cards and HOPE that a government agency does what they say they will and HOPE a second government agency doesn't loose our paperwork in the mail. A bird in the hand... Bob+Sue
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