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  1. Just found a FAQ on the 125% Onboard Cruise Credit....https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/topics/onboard-cruise-credit-offer After reading all the details, I'm going to take the refund. Sounds too risky on losing your money. If you apply the money to a future cruise and that cruise cancels, you lose your money. Also, you cannot split between multiple cruises.
  2. Got the same letter so I called today... after 20 minutes of trying to explain to the customer service rep, she put me on hold(for 10 minutes), came back and told me I would get the 125% in an Available Spend Account. Don't know if she was just telling me what she thought I wanted to hear or if I really am getting the 125% vs a refund. I've looked around and don't see anything about an Available Spend account. She was adamant that it would not be an OBC but this Available Spend Account could be used just like an OBC. But to make it even more confusing, I had a Next Cruise OBC that they are suppose to return to me as an OBC... so I'm looking for the OBC and the Available Spending Account... 🤪 I'm not letting this one go, because we purchased several excursion, the ultimate drink and dining packages plus wifi.... this is big time money and with the 125%, it really adds up.
  3. Does anyone know when Azamara will open bookings for May 2022? We are wanting to book the Monaco Grand Prix cruise.
  4. I have a question about booking with Next Cruise and having 60 days to change without penalty..... we just booked a 7 day back to back for the Mediterrean while on our last cruise about a week ago. I know you do have 60 days to change dates and ships but does anyone know if you can change from Royal to Celebrity? I just found a better deal and better itinerary with Celebrity, 9 day back to back with the 4 perks, which brings the total price about $2000 less than Royal for 4 more days. I guess if I cancel and rebook with with Celebrity and lose my $1000 deposit, I'm still $1000 ahead. I know it's just a phone call to find the answer but it's not always a simple call dealing with RC customer service.
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