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  1. I’m 70 and am dealing with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer so every 3 weeks I get two “foreign” substances infused into my body. Bring on the vaccine so I can leave the house other than for treatment. Oh how I miss cruising!🛳
  2. Anyone hear anything about Equinox in the Caribbean. We’re booked for 12! nights November 2021. Or is it that we just haven’t been contacted yet. Ok I’ll try to be patient. Thx.
  3. Hcat I agree. I stream nyc local news daily (I’m in DE) but 93 yr old mom in central NJ so I need to be current on developments in the area, especially vaccine distribution. Yes, hoping for sanity and fairness for all of us.
  4. Please, we need to keep this thread going. I have learned so much over these past several months by following along. There are many knowledgeable contributors who have taken a lot of time to offer their insights into vaccine development. I may not post often but follow this thread daily. I am 70 and receive mABs every 3 weeks for my cancer treatment. I am extremely interested in following the vaccine development and truly appreciate the links to articles and information updates from others who post. This thread gives us insight and a hope to some day set sail again. I’ve had to lift shift
  5. 🎼 Momma said there’d be days like this 🎼. Driving me nuts as well, but maybe no news is good news. Finger toes arms and eyes crossed. Any day now !
  6. Hey! Back on topic please. MSC protocol. Please. Enough code already.
  7. Forgot to mention we are both early 70s. And boy oh boy do we miss cruising! But oncologist says no go w/o a vaccine. So we wait.
  8. Hey gang, I hear you all. First I want to thank so many of our members who have background in vaccine research and so many related fields. I have been following this thread hourly! In our case, DH is a lung cancer survivor now with COPD but doing well. Uses an inhaler when necessary. As for me, I am under treatment (2 years now) for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and am doing Aok. We were on the Eclipse in March for Carnival in Rio. Catching Covid19 is scary for us. We take all necessary precautions. Hopefully we will win the battle soon.
  9. Go Pfizer! We all need a little something to look forward to!☘️ Sure do miss cruising.
  10. you could be making a very costly mistake by not buying trip insurance. Just saying. Never know what tomorrow may bring.
  11. TeeRick, maybe it’s too early but any idea if this will be a live vaccine vs not a live vaccine like the flu shot. Shingles vaccine is a live vaccine which my oncologist says I should not get. We have cancelled three cruises and hoping I can cruise with the covid19 vaccine. Fingers toes eyes and everything else crossed! Thx. Marie
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