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  1. 7. lastly dessert - Pastry chef was a mix of different things but my favorite was key lime cake. sorry the picture won't upload. I do think this experience was worth $75. It was the ultimate group dining experience. and I would definitely reserve a spot next time if the menu changes. Hope this helps anyone deciding.
  2. 5. sea bass - okay. not too memorable 6. wagyu - yes! this was my favorite dish and what made the entire chef's table $$$ worth it. so good.
  3. 1. beet blanket, spiced grape tea - not my favorite 2. crab stack - tasted like curry. it was okay 3. duck textures - yes. this was my favorite second dish 4. bisque our way - fancy tomato soup. it was okay
  4. First time trying Chef's Table and I was not disappointed. My sister and I had a great time. Here are some pics and thoughts. To start - these were the four reception dishes 1. mango sphere, rosemary biscuit - surprising flavor burst. 2. salmon tartar cornets, sesame seeds - cornets were tasty 3. beef carpaccio on air pillow, chocolate bacon, apple ribbons - not memorable 4. double cooked lamb - two thumbs up. this is my third favorite dish
  5. subscribed - I'm curious as well. I cruise at the end of October. I can post more information on my return.
  6. also, if anyone else is still looking... MUJI has the absolute best travel containers.
  7. I'm a backpack carryon kind of traveler but I love to make packing list and I loved seeing yours (thank you for sharing), especially the medical kit. I get motion sickness, and I pack mostly everything you have on your list except a thermometer. The infirmary on the ship is very expensive so I like to make sure I have everything just in case. Nothing worse than allergies bringing me down on vacation. Also, even though people say you can just buy what you need when you get there, I like to have the brand of item I want - if that makes sense. example, I'm picky about my ingredients in my SPF, so it's easier for me to bring exactly what I want then settle for something at the closest CVS or something. Plus I want to spend my time exploring the destination rather than shopping for personal toiletries. Can I also add, I just added a travel size Poo-pourri to my packing list and I've very excited about it. The category that always ruins my packing is the rain gear. I packed a rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella on a cruise one time during hurricane season and of course, it didn't rain at all. My sister and I travel a lot together and we love to plan early. And when you find someone who is just as excited about your vacation as you are, even if it's a year or a month away, it is just that much more fun. We like to use Travefy to plan our trips together. Since you mentioned a Western Caribbean destination, you might to consider an underwater camera. I like to bring my husband's go pro and waterproof case for snorkeling. Also, maybe a small tripod if it's just you two? i guess it depends on your camera. I have an canon with a flip screen that I love. also, what's a lock bag? my sister told me to pack a lock on our next trip. wondering if this is a good sub b/c a lock is super heavy. i would be interested in knowing what's in the makeup cube too. care to share? Great list!
  8. Oh good! I hope you enjoy it. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. I don’t log my daily outfit but I believe you can add as many items to the daily look as you want. You can add outfits for future calendar dates as well. I have used the packing list and I like it. You label each packing list and add items to the list and you can add looks to the list. And you can create multiple looks and packing lists. Example, I have a wedding coming up and I made this outfit combo and I added those items to my packing lists. I just really like how I can visually create an outfit. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. For the most part, I always chose a dish that my waiter recommended. I also did forgo a main entree on some nights when nothing looked good. The only thing I can think of that I didn’t like was the vast majority of desserts were disappointing., except the baked Alaska and the jello. But most of the cakes on Lido or in MDR were very subpar. they also tasted very similar to me as well. Much like the Taco Bell menu - same ingredients, different name, same taste, same texture. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Looks best if you remove the background but it isn’t necessary. Since I use screenshots from the retailer most of my background is easily removed. I can see how time consuming it can be if you are taking your own stock pictures. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. I love the Stylebook app. It's helped me streamline my closet. Every time I make a new purchase I just screenshot a picture of the item, and add it to my digital closet.
  13. Oh the best perk of them all is being able to eat breakfast and lunch at Cagney’s. Breakfast was the best. So good, in fact, that my parents still talk about it to this day. I personally think the suite cost was worth it especially since I was traveling with my parents (80 y/o and 69 y/o) so we were not stacked with activities on the island all day. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. There’s a long bench that runs the bed length and a desk chair. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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