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  1. 7. lastly dessert - Pastry chef was a mix of different things but my favorite was key lime cake. sorry the picture won't upload. I do think this experience was worth $75. It was the ultimate group dining experience. and I would definitely reserve a spot next time if the menu changes. Hope this helps anyone deciding.
  2. 5. sea bass - okay. not too memorable 6. wagyu - yes! this was my favorite dish and what made the entire chef's table $$$ worth it. so good.
  3. 1. beet blanket, spiced grape tea - not my favorite 2. crab stack - tasted like curry. it was okay 3. duck textures - yes. this was my favorite second dish 4. bisque our way - fancy tomato soup. it was okay
  4. First time trying Chef's Table and I was not disappointed. My sister and I had a great time. Here are some pics and thoughts. To start - these were the four reception dishes 1. mango sphere, rosemary biscuit - surprising flavor burst. 2. salmon tartar cornets, sesame seeds - cornets were tasty 3. beef carpaccio on air pillow, chocolate bacon, apple ribbons - not memorable 4. double cooked lamb - two thumbs up. this is my third favorite dish
  5. subscribed - I'm curious as well. I cruise at the end of October. I can post more information on my return.
  6. also, if anyone else is still looking... MUJI has the absolute best travel containers.
  7. I'm a backpack carryon kind of traveler but I love to make packing list and I loved seeing yours (thank you for sharing), especially the medical kit. I get motion sickness, and I pack mostly everything you have on your list except a thermometer. The infirmary on the ship is very expensive so I like to make sure I have everything just in case. Nothing worse than allergies bringing me down on vacation. Also, even though people say you can just buy what you need when you get there, I like to have the brand of item I want - if that makes sense. example, I'm picky about my ingredients in my SPF, so it's easier for me to bring exactly what I want then settle for something at the closest CVS or something. Plus I want to spend my time exploring the destination rather than shopping for personal toiletries. Can I also add, I just added a travel size Poo-pourri to my packing list and I've very excited about it. The category that always ruins my packing is the rain gear. I packed a rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella on a cruise one time during hurricane season and of course, it didn't rain at all. My sister and I travel a lot together and we love to plan early. And when you find someone who is just as excited about your vacation as you are, even if it's a year or a month away, it is just that much more fun. We like to use Travefy to plan our trips together. Since you mentioned a Western Caribbean destination, you might to consider an underwater camera. I like to bring my husband's go pro and waterproof case for snorkeling. Also, maybe a small tripod if it's just you two? i guess it depends on your camera. I have an canon with a flip screen that I love. also, what's a lock bag? my sister told me to pack a lock on our next trip. wondering if this is a good sub b/c a lock is super heavy. i would be interested in knowing what's in the makeup cube too. care to share? Great list!
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