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  1. she said starting 2020 so i would think so better safe then sorry
  2. i actually called my airline after speaking with NCL and they said for domestic travel it is not an issue as of yet but starting next year they will have the same requirements
  3. i do not have air booked through NCL and i got the email my cruise is in 2 weeks so i would look for an email coming soon or just call and make sure everything is correct now
  4. almost always stay aft never had a problem
  5. No!! if you have your middle name on your passport you MUST add it to your NCL account!
  6. just also want to add she told me to reprint my e-docs with the updated names
  7. they take everyones cards at the table if he doesn't have the dining package he will be charged by what he orders
  8. we book through CAS but i just called the regular number for NCL this morning and they did it for me. I didnt see anywhere to do it myself and wanted to make sure it was done correctly since we are leaving in 2 weeks
  9. not sure i called this morning and the rep did it over the phone then sent me out a new confirmation email with the name changes on it
  10. i called this morning and yes! you must make sure middle names are on your ncl docs if that is what is on your passport! i had to fix mine and my sons girlfriend both were missing middle names on my ncl account never had a problem before but the rep said they are starting to crack down and may not let you board if not correct
  11. just wondering if there is a concierge desk? we have only stayed in the haven and with no haven on the dawn where do you find the concierge? we tend to rely on them much more than our butler for most of the things we need
  12. thank you for posting these videos! we have a much better idea what to expect now and i have to say i think i would like the extra privacy
  13. Thank you so much for the picture. I was picturing a much smaller opening glad to see this
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