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  1. definitely have to try food republic! ocean blue is a nice fine dining restaurant but the food at food republic is like nothing you can get at a regular restaurant. so many options. i have yet to find anything like it on land. just a side note if you like spicy tuna you must try the crispy rice!
  2. we sailed the dawn over thanksgiving a friend of ours got a last minute GTY booking they assigned him a room right away then the night before the cruise his room was changed. not for the better though. he was originally on deck 10 and they moved him to deck 5.
  3. We never book until we are on the ship. We are always in the haven. We just sailed on the dawn in a suite and when we got on i went to the concierge to make dinner reservations and every restaurant was basically sold out for the entire cruise. We managed to get in but never the times we wanted. The concierge can only do so much. He told us so many people book online now as soon as it is available. Don’t know what people do when they don’t have the concierge. We would t have gotten in anywhere. We ate at the buffet and O’Sheehan’s the first 2 nights because we could t get in anywhere even with
  4. We had only sailed the larger ships until our last cruise over thanksgiving on the dawn. I would not sail a smaller ship again. Just not enough to do. Especially for my adult children 18 and 23 who were with their girlfriends. Unless you were drinking or in the casino at night just not Enough options for entertainment like on the larger ships
  5. I was just in this situation for our nov 24 cruise on the Dawn. Ship was completely sold out had a friend trying to get on he was solo so we tried to add him to our cabin NCL said no. Ship was at capacity due to life boat situation. We called every day hoping someone would cancel. I also called outside travel agents. The monday before we were leaving i found someone i had not called yet. Cruise 1. Don’t know how but he was able to get my friend a room. It was an inside getaway. He didn’t care just wanted to be on the ship. We booked immediately and the agent confirmed with NCL that he did ind
  6. Never easy and as bird says sea days are the worst. My husband always needs to work and has trouble just sending an email sometimes. It is always spotty.
  7. Yes besides the casino Bimini bar was the only other place we saw
  8. Definitely add it and make sure when you check in it is correct on your key card. My son is a jr and a few years ago their names got mixed up and we didn’t know until my husband went to the casino and they told him he couldn’t play because he wasn’t 18 lol obviously they looked at him and realized it was a mistake but better making sure it is correct from the start. Had to wait on line a guest services to have it fixed
  9. Are you in the Haven? We were just in a suite on the Dawn and also had open as our check in time. I thought that was for suite/Haven since they don’t have an actual check in time.
  10. Just off the dawn and the cigar lounge was all cigarette smokers. Saw maybe 1 cigar!
  11. We were in a suite so our friend just checked in with us. Tampa was a disaster!! I’m not sure what would have happened if he tried to use it by himself. Sorry. Didn’t see any signs pertaining to priority access.
  12. We just ate there on the dawn you can get one shared app for the table one regular app per person and one entree and one desert per person the queso was amazing!!
  13. Just off the dawn and my husband killed the craps table! He won about $20,000 by the end of The week!
  14. Let me start by saying we were in a suite and usually stay in the Haven so i wasn't sure what to expect with no haven on the Dawn I will start with embarkation in tampa What a disaster. This has by far been the worst port we have ever left from! Starting with drop off. I have left from NY Miami and Port canaveral. We have always gotten dropped off by the luggage handlers given them our luggage and goten on a quick line to board. well not in Tampa! Our Uber driver was yelled at and directed across the street from the terminal where there were scattered luggage handlers who
  15. thank you! my son has been asking he loved the party on the escape and getaway. good to know they have it on the Dawn as well
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