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  1. I just recently received a 'casino' rate on my most recent booking. It reduced the price of our 11 day cruise significantly. I think I probably gambled and lost ;) about $700. Our discount was more than double what we gambled.
  2. Excuse my ignorance but WHAT is navigator? We have had our travel agent place a credit on our account ...enough for one package however we are unclear as to whether we CAN purchase two accounts Further to the other question, this is for work so we would prefer to both be connected and work at the same time so we can enjoy the rest of our time together 🙂
  3. My husband & I will be working during our vacation/cruise (I know, not so ideal but I assure you, I will have a drink in hand when we do) and what we are hoping is that someone can tell us if it is possible for us to purchase TWO unlimited plans so that we can connect both of our devices at the same time.
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