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  1. I practice Emergency Medicine in a busy urban hospital. For 19 years. Lived through H1N1, Ebola, 9/11, anthrax etc. now these are not the same but ID people are and have always been alarmists. It’s what they do. If you were in the business you’d understand.
  2. It is in fact a cold. Sorry to break it to you. Now it’s one with a high mortality rate in the chronically ill admittedly. but those numbers will get better too as we learn what’s working and what isn’t. This isn’t gonna be static Elwood. little reading for you. https://www.jwatch.org/fw116437/2020/03/10/covid-19-can-look-common-cold-researchers-say?query=pfw&jwd=000012143608&jspc=
  3. By the time this is over there will be less than 100k dead. Serious to be sure but not a lot worse than the yearly flu. Just an educated guess but I have a feeling this is massively overdone. look at South Korea for more accurate mortality rates. The are the only ones that rolled out the testing rapidly. is it any surprise that, if we only test for COVID in the super sick, that they have a high mortality? That’s where testing is many places. Known risk county, known close contact exposure to COVID and the super sick. That’s all that are being tested in my state. F
  4. so I have been trying hard to stay out of this. But I am on the front lines in healthcare. I am going cruising. The answer at this point, for your concern, isn’t to have young people afraid of the infection. What needs to happen is that the unhealthy, aged, need to isolate themselves. This virus is out there. We are past containment. In the next 2 weeks we will be in the mitigation phase and social distancing, as well as risk group isolation will be the norm. This is only to flatten the curve of cases. Soon 14 day quarantines will be a thing of the past as well. Just so you know.
  5. My concern isn’t about a FCC. Like many, I paid for a vacation that cost near 10k for my entire family of 6 (3 rooms) and getting a FCC does nothing to help now pay for an alternate vacation over spring break that I may now have to make over all this. They just hold on to my 10k? If we aren’t able to go or ‘travel isn’t advised’ I want 100% refunded within 2 weeks.
  6. Here is the huge issue. They just said todaybthat the princess ship off California had 21 positives out of 40 something tested. 19 of which were CREW MEMBERS. Screening will do nothing for that. Unless they are screening crew. And since fever isn’t predictive of illness are we just gonna hope those that rely on this for a living aren’t gonna lie? This is a disaster for those of us that were really hoping to go....
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