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  1. Went from LA to Singapore in 2019 - it had some Ports in the Itinerary that I had not been before (Guam), so it was interesting ... for me. Had a Circumnavigation of Australia booked for April 2020 on Cunard, but that was ...... cancelled due to the Covid 19 Crisis. As far as any next Cruises? I still have Cruise Forward Deposits with NCL that need to be used-up, but personally, I will NOT be rushing to get back on Board - I'd rather WAIT, until the full extent of the Covid 19 situation is fully understood - and the Risk is reduced....... maybe in LATE 2021 or 2022?
  2. I had a similar experience when I took a Baltic Cruise that stopped at St Petersburg and I joined a Ship's Excursion to the Hermitage - bypassing a very, very long Line of people waiting to enter the Museum. The downside of the guided tour was ..... not really enough time to enjoy all the treasures there -
  3. YES, whenever I am lucky enough to do so - but time is running so quickly - and right now, I am not able to go anywhere due to the travel restrictions .......
  4. That is the Problem with most of the Port-calls ....... I just use it as a means to find "nice" places - and then hope to get back to them on a more extensive visit.
  5. My Pet-hate are Excursions that "offer" a Sit-down-Lunch-Break during the Tour!! Don't get the Passengers enough Food while in the Ship? Can't they just ....SKIP LUNCH ....one time? Such Lunch stops take 1-2 hours out of any Excursion and are a total waste of time. Cruise stops in any Port are usually too short anyway - and while in a port, I want to see as much as possible - NOT spending time in a local Restaurant. So, I peruse the available Excursions carefully to maximise my Shore time - and don't book any Excursions with meal breaks. If I want to sample the local Cuisine - I just ve
  6. Nowadays many Cruise's are in 7 day segments, and sometimes I string them together 2, 3, or more in a row - and then visit the same Islands (especially around Greece & Med) and when I arrive at an Island the second time, I already know a bit about it - and can explore a different area....Last year I did 9 Segments, together - 2 around Greek Islands, then up to Trieste, back to Athens, then across the Med to Malaga, to Casablanca, to Lisbon, Oporto, back across to Athens and finally got off in Dubai. Regarding the Caribbean - YES, they are beautiful (St Lucia is my favorite), but too
  7. The Marquesas!!!, ( a group of Islands ENE of Tahiti) Qeqertarsuaq, ( a Port on the Greenland West coast), Longyearbyen, (a Port in the Svalbard Archipelago - between Norway & the North Pole) Faroe Islands, (A group of Islands between Scotland & Iceland) Seydisfjordur, ( a Port on the SE Coast of Iceland) Commonwealth Bay, ( the place on Antarctica where MAWSON landed in the 1912 to explore a large part of the Area) Pango Pango, (American Samoa) Nuku'alofa, (Tonga) Rarotonga.(Cook Islands - between New Zealand and Tahiti) ...... such Ports are NOT (yet) over-visited by Cruise
  8. Yes, The Marquesas!!!, Qeqertarsuaq, Longyearbyen, Faroe Islands, Seydisfjordur, Commonwealth Bay, Pango Pango, Nuku'alofa, Rarotonga. Santorini and other Greek Islands were nice, but too crowded Venice was spectacular .... arriving & leaving, but too many Tourists, Alaska was very Scenic, but when there are 3, 4 or more Ships in any port - it's just MAYHEM .... never again!!
  9. What has me worried is - MANY Cruise Ships tried to Dock at some Ports during the Corona Crisis, stating that they had NO Corona Cases on Board. However, as it turned out afterwards quite a large number of disembarking Passengers were found to be POSITIVE? Did the Ships Company simply told a LIE to Port Authorities - to get them to allow Docking, or was the On-Board Medical Staff incompetent to detect such Cases? Small Ships = BIG Ships? Of course the chance to "catch" something is higher when one is stuck with 3-4-5000 Passengers, that's why I prefer smaller sized Ships ....... and
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