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  1. rsldonk - I was just in Anchorage last week and visited the Museum on 6/10/21. The museum was open most days I believe. The Earthquake and Aviation exhibits are no longer there, they have been replaced by other short term exhibits, but the Native Alaska and Fine Arts sections are still there and are very worthwhile. The gift shop is also good.
  2. If you are stopping in Anchorage at any point in your land/sea cruise, please try to spend at least a couple of hours visiting the Anchorage Museum (downtown). It has wonderful displays of Alaska Native artifacts as well as fine Alaskan Art. There are also good exhibits about the March, 1964 Earthquake and Alaskan Aviation. I've been to the Museum many times over the years and it is always time well spent.
  3. Thanks so much for all of your comments. It sounds like just use common sense and common courtesy whether you travel in a group or not in a group. Our group consists of 3 siblings + spouses, and 1 in-law couple. While we enjoy each others' company, we plan to interact with as many other friendly people as possible...always one of our favorite parts of a vacation. Besides, we already know most of our own stories and are looking for new ones!
  4. In 2022 I will be part of a 4 couple (8 adult) group on a River Cruise. We definitely want to interact with other Travelers, and will not always be together in our large group. Having heard some horror stories of group travel behavior, I am eager to avoid being one of "those" people. Of course I understand the obvious irritants of noise, hogging prime space, and dominating gatherings. But I'm anxious to hear your stories of bad group behavior you have seen on River Cruises. I know bad behavior abounds on some Ocean Cruises, but with River Cruises having fewer passengers and perhaps a more mature demographic, look forward to a cruise full of fun for everyone.
  5. In the US you can request a van from Lyft that would carry 6 adults. I’m wondering if anyone had that experience in Amsterdam.
  6. Has anyone used Uber to get to/from Keukenhof Gardens from central Amsterdam? For a party of 6 adults, I'm wondering if it is better to use Uber and create our own schedule vs. using still very good mass transit?
  7. I've taken the floibanen a number of times over the years. I both purchased tickets in advance and waited in line at a less busy time of year. If you are going during the summer and the weather is good, I suggest buying them in advance. If you are concerned about weather, you can wait until 1-2 days before you plan to go. But if you are going regardless of the weather, and like to plan your day far in advance, I'd go ahead and buy them now.
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