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  1. I must compliment all the staff from the Captain down for a well run ship which lived up to the Silverseas reputation. The service staff in all the facilities on board were superb even in the face of adversity when we encountered some rough weather off Hokkaido for about 16 hours. That they had everything back to normal in short order reflects their extraordinary efforts and priority to see to the comfort of the guests. The Shadow was in good fettle and one could find it hard to criticise any aspect of the voyage apart from two aspects of Silverseas corporate management; one the internet system and two, contributions to the owner's cancer charity. First the internet. Guests could either pay for access to the net with reasonable speed for about $30 per day or choose the offer of 'One hour free access' per day. The last one was a sham. You could log on for about five minutes, send/receive a few pre-typed emails and the system would then advise your hour is up! The 'free hour' is the time taken to receive/send your emails (I suspect at a much reduced speed). Not good business sense. The net is now integrated into our society to such an extent that free access is available in all good hotels, department stores, trains, and in some cities within the confines of the central business district. Other lines such as Regent and Crystal (from November 2107) have free access for all guests on board. Silverseas should get their act together and as a six star line, build the cost of free net access into the cost structure of their fares. If not, they risk losing business as to expect guests to pay about US$600 for net access on a 20 day voyage does not accord with the image they market of 'all inclusive' cruising. Second the owner's charity. The line owner can ASK guests if they wish to donate to his charity established in memory of his sister but I consider it unethical to AUTOMATICALLY bill guests $1 A DAY ! It should be an OPT IN system rather than an OPT OUT as currently organised. They send a letter around with a card which guests must complete and return to the Concierge desk IF YOU DO NOT wish to contribute! I spoke to many guests who had not read the letter and understood the implication that they would be AUTOMATICALLY be donating! I raised this issue after a cruise on the Wind last year also. Other than those two aspects, from the big picture aspect, it was a very enjoyable and relaxing cruise.