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  1. We loved loved loved our Vista D736 Very large totally covered balcony with slight wrap around to the side. Sure it had the beam but never got in our way. Balcony had room for round table with 4 large wooden chairs around it and 2 loungers that faced aft with room to walk around. The room itself was more than plenty big for 3 and had rooms above and below and only one next door so quiet.
  2. Thanks - guess she will have to order pizza off kids menu
  3. Does anyone know if you can get it to go? My granddaughter likes to eat pizza and I prefer meals in the dining room. Hoping we can pick up a pizza for her to eat with us in DR Thanks
  4. I wonder how many of these go/will go empty? These obviously are higher profit/revenue. I was able to secure one for my upcoming cruise and according to PCP I had my choice of all but one (I am assuming it is the handicapped one). I can't believe this omission on Princess site is on purpose. Anyway thanks for all your answers
  5. Thanks for the info Guess I'll call Princess in the morning
  6. I am interested in booking a penthouse suite on Discovery but do not want aft due to potential soot problems. I have tried (on line) to book a side penthouse on deck 14 but they don't show up as available or even sold out - after looking at Sky and Enchanted also for side penthouses none show up for sale for any sailing? Anybody have a clue why? I know I can call Princess but before I do I was wondering if anybody knows what is going on Thanks
  7. My Alaskan cruise (July 2 2022) has just been changed from Emerald to Crown
  8. I want to thank you all for all the information I have read on this board that will help improve my Alaska cruise with my granddaughter next June. You guys have said to check the EZ airfares often and today I saved $400.00 and got a better return home time (2:30 instead of 5:30). Also I was able to add the BSE sale for $25.00/day pp as we already had included gratuities. Now I won't have to buy wine to bring on. So much fun to save money! 🙂
  9. In the suite amenities it is listed as specialty dining mimosa breakfast served in specialty dining room except for Sun and Sea. It is a great amenity with good service, ability to order almost anything you want (if they don't have it they usually can get it for the next day) including coffee similar to International Cafe and especially the mimosas. They were always happy to give me "one to go" in my bottle for later
  10. Thanks to everyone. I will call Princess tomorrow after talking to my granddaughter who is going with me. We are outside the 45 day window so I guess I will have to continue checking periodically.
  11. i booked EZ air through Princess
  12. Alaska airlines changed our return flight from Seattle to 7:30 am from 12:30pm. They do have a later flight. Do I call Princess to change or do I call the airline? There are other airlines with better times but more expensive than when I originally booked.
  13. D736 is my favorite as it is a corner with views aft and a little side view. C748 is a little larger but not significantly to me. Both have divided bathroom with 1/2 that has tub and glass enclosed shower and other half with commode and sink. One downside to Vista is there are no shelves on wall for storage. D736 does have the beam but does not bother me and really does not get in the way. I suggest saving your money
  14. We took the 2 hour trip on the 2 deck boat through the cruise last February. It was great - we saw several whales up close and from a distance. Boat had lots of seating and standing at the rails room. Try to get a place at rail in front of boat if you are able to stand for a couple hours. They have clean bathrooms and free drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and small snacks. The folks on the small boats got cancelled due to winds. Make sure there will be whales in Cabo before you book as they are only there in late winter and early spring (Jan-March)
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