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  1. I’m too busy having an amazing time on this cruise to post a comprehensive review — so I’ll be sure to do so on Saturday. However, I’ll just say that despite the stresses of multiple tests and visas and hoops — this has HANDS DOWN been the BEST cruise we’ve ever taken. The service, the food and the entertainment have all been first class. The crew is bending over backwards to make this an amazing trip — and they’ve succeeded.
  2. All three of the major test types have some false positives however the antigen test has far more false positives and error rate then the PCR tests. The NAATPCR test that is on the market now is extremely reliable. However, you are absolutely right that someone can test positive For a long time after they contracted the virus. For now, it looks like those people will be excluded. Unlike air travel back into the United States where Airlines will accept letters from physicians of prior positivity and recovery, the cruise line has not issued any statements on this. In general, it is best practice to blow your nose well prior to any swab. personally, I think that we are going to be in this state until vaccinations are readily available to the under 12 segments, along with distribution of booster shots. I’ve heard lots of talk about alignment of the booster shots with flu shots in the fall and winter.
  3. Yes, it was delivered at 8:35am ET today. As of now I have the doctor coming to test all three of us on Wednesday after we arrive. There is so much different info floating around. Even the reminder email about the unvaxxed test at the port says it’s a PCR — which we know it isn’t. I figure I’ll suck it up ah get the three tests for peace of mind that I won’t have troubles on Saturday. It’s hard enough traveling alone with two kids — the stress of the ever changing protocols doesn’t help. I just want to be onboard and relaxing in 5 days.
  4. They now offer an interviews upon arrival program at many airports so when you go to clear immigration (including in Nassau) you can just show up and finalize your enrollment. I signed my kids up for GE, got conditionally approved in 48 hours, and the plan is to complete their enrollments at the end of this upcoming trip.
  5. Fairly certain that if it was sold that way and anyone got severely ill then they would have one hell of a lawsuit against RCL. Easy to prove.
  6. New email came out this AM: All Guests As a requirement to board, all guests age 2 and older will need to present a negative result from a PCR test for COVID-19 taken no more than 3 days before your sail date. Please note, this is a requirement of Royal Caribbean for our guests and is above and beyond what is required by The Bahamas. Costs associated with this test are the guests' responsibility.
  7. No, I emailed RCL on Friday evening and received a response this afternoon affirming that only PCR test will be excepted at the port on Saturday. Not going to risk being turned away. I was able to schedule our PCR tests for Wednesday afternoon with a guaranteed to turn around of 6 to 12 hours.
  8. Some further information that I was able to find out. Starting tomorrow the law or regulations in the Bahamas changes so they are only accepting PCR tests for people who fly in and for the cruise departing from Nassau. I did find a Company that a friend referred me too that will come to your hotel and administer the RTPCR and they commit to having the results back within 12 hours. It’s a little pricey at $140 per person.
  9. Just got off the phone with a customer relations supervisor following the email they sent out that magically highlighted the mask requirement but not the change in the pre cruise test requirement. Net net …. ALL passengers must have a PCR test within 3 days of sailing. Antigen tests will no longer be accepted.
  10. So— they said that a PCR is now required within 3 days for all guests. NO antigen tests will be accepted. I recorded the call.
  11. I’m on the phone with them now. They acknowledged the conflict and are on with some supervisory team to check. If PCR I’ll have to cancel. I can’t risk not having the result in time.
  12. Maybe I’m losing it …. Didn’t they change the 3 day pre cruise test to antigen OR PCR? This latest email says PCR ONLY.
  13. That depends upon whether you are arriving more than one day prior to your sailing. The new rule says: “Children 11 years old or younger or pilots and crew of a commercial airline who are not staying more than one night in The Bahamas are exempt from the RT-PCR COVID-19 test/Vaccination Card upload requirement.”
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